Monday, January 28, 2013



Hello Momma!
I am so excited it is P-day! It is good to be able to finally write to you.  I miss you all a lot but I am really excited to be out here with so many young Elders and Sisters who are here to serve the Lord.  The first day was crazy! Getting out of the car and taken away to not see my family for such a long time.  But I remember that I get to be with you all for eternity so I think I can handle two years... I hope! I am glad to be here but I really cannot wait to get out to the field.  I know I am learning a lot and learning so much about how to teach other the Gospel, but it is kinda like a jail here every once in a while. ha-ha. I have been praying and studying hard and doing all I can to stay obedient to the rules and commandments.  I can feel God's love for me and the comfort that comes from really doing the work.  Also I want to send you a lot of the pictures I have taken but I can only send a few on the computer so I will just send them in a letter to you.  Anyway, my companions name is Elder J.  He is a really great guy! He is from a little town outside of Logan, UT and he is a very hard worker.  We share a bunk in our residence hall and I got the bottom because my Host Elder told me the top is the worst.  Also we have two other Elders in our room and they are companions in my district.  Elder L. and Elder P.  Elder L. is a 1 1/2 year convert and a really neat guy from Wyoming. Elder P. is a very good Elder as well.  We are not suppose to say guy or dude here. We get in trouble, ha-ha!  But after being here almost a week, I have been made district leader over my district, which contains 12 Elders including myself.  And just on Sunday Elder J. and I were made Zone Leaders over 5 districts!!! I don't think I deserve all that responsibility but I will do my best to fulfill my calling and be the best leader with my companion that I can be!
So we get up usually around 6 to get a little bit more of a head start and get to bed at 10:30 every night.  A deep voice comes over the intercom at night and says, "10:15! QUITE TIME!" then 15 minutes later you hear, "10:30.... LIGHTS..... OUT!" It kind of makes me laugh but it does help everyone to follow the rules and get to bed at the right time.  OH! and mom its best for everyone to send me "dear-elders" like you were doing because I only have 30 minutes on the computer! SO if everyone sends me those I can check them throughout the week and write them back so I have time to talk to you during e-mail time!
But after we get all ready for the day we go to class FOREVER! It feels like I am a veteran here and have been in the MTC for a month already! But I think the time is slowly getting faster and I am enjoying it more and more. During class we go over "role-plays" where we teach people who are suppose to be investigators but are really actors.  So I have been going over Preach My Gospel a lot! To any others that are reading this and are going on their missions soon... STUDY PREACH MY GOSPEL!!!! It is very important! ha-ha, but I am learning and trying to enjoy doing the role-plays. 
Teaching really humbles you and gets you discouraged every once in a while but we know that God wants to help us teach so we keep trying harder.  My district is amazing! When I send you the pictures you will see them all! They are all nice, loving, and helpful missionaries.  This week our zone gets more new missionaries and we have to kinda train them! Anyway, I don't have much more time, but I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL!
Tell everyone I say hi! I hope Brian is getting GIANT and growing out that glorious Thor hair.  I will write you soon!
Love you :)
-Elder Farley
Also add the Taylors to the email, they wanted to hear from me.  And tell Mitchell to send me Dear-Elders and I will write him soon! I miss you all so much and please pray for me to keep working hard and to grow to enjoy this place.  I do miss you a lot and I dont want to think to much about home, because I still have 95 weeks left! Haha hopefully I will have more fun in the field GOT TO GO!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH XOXOXOXOXO

And to Mitchell Woods- Don't get discouraged in Farmington.  Study hard and read the scriptures.  Enjoy your family time as much as you can because it has only been a week and I miss the HECK out of them! You will be out here before you know it and I know you will do an amazing job! Love you Buddy!

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