Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Doing the Lord's Work!

Hey Momma!

Wow!  Lots of info from home, I love it!  I can't believe Elder Cahoon is going ZONE LEADER!!  I feel like it was only yesterday when we were all out "tapping"  in Farmington.  That kid is a boss.  I love reading all the letters from all my friends that are on missions.  They are doing so great out in the field.  Makes me proud to see them all giving Alma and Amulek a run for their money. ;)  Also, you (as a family) are the best!  I am so glad your are keeping up on scriptures, prayers, FHE and all that good stuff!  Don't stop!  The harder you work to get closer to God the more you will see His blessing poured out upon you.  I know Heavenly Father is so happy when we do what He says and when we do He asks of us He blesses us a TON!  Keep praying for missionary opportunities.  They will come and will bless the lives of others more than you can imagine.  And never get discouraged.  Sometimes things take longer than we want them to.  But when we are patient and ever-faithful then God lets us see the miracles.

Things here on the east coast are going great!  Elder Cory Broadhead, my new companion, is a champ!  He is from the Riverton, Utah area and he loves Lake Powell.  And when I say love Lake Powell I mean LOVES LAKE POWELL!!!  So we already have a plan to go out the summer of 15'.  So we will be switching off since he skis and I wake-board. He has been out for almost a year!  I am his first junior companion and he has taught me a ton already!  We are going through our area and organizing it so much!  We are getting the ward really stoked for missionary work and always ask them, "how can we help you in your missionary work."  BAM!  Hit em' with a curve ball.  It gets them thinking and they have really been showing more interest in reaching out to their friends!  Yay!  Missionary work!  I have never been so excited in my life.  Doing the Lord's work is the best because He gives you a boost whenever you cannot do anymore work.  It's like you hit Empty on your human gas tank and then.... NOS BOOST!!!  I love it ;)

Let everyone back home know I love them and that I say hi!  Keep up the work back in NM!  (I just saw how big our mission is compared to Farmington's.  That place dwarfs ours!)  Anyway!  Love you guys.  Stay healthy, safe and happy! 


Note from mom: No new pictures I'll throw in one from the SD card I received in the mail!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Companion, Staying in Glen Dale SW

New Companion Elder Broadhead!!
Hey Mom and Dad!
So transfers...6months out... Feeling  pretty good!  I am staying in Glen Dale Singles Ward and my new companion is Elder Broadhead!  He is a really awesome guy! He has been out in the field for about a year.  He is a ginger and he loves Lake Powell!  What a  champ right?  I am so glad I get to be companions with a red head.  They for some reason  are always really funny.  Anyway, he seems like a really  obedient missionary.  But not much of one to workout.  Sorry Breelaun... looks like I won't be at the  gym too much :'( But now that I have all these supplements and stuff I am ready to get HARDY sized!  We will  see what happens though... we don't have much to  workout with in the apartment.  So its all hotel workouts. 
Sounds like all is well at home!  Good to hear Jonny is all skinny now and that Uncle Vaughn  is still there!  :) The group back at home seems awesome... I wish I could hangout with you all.  Eh... we will get a big party when Brian gets home.  But I  am  envious of the Lake  trip this summer!  Sounds like it was pretty fun/funny! Also, it sounds like Caiside had a fun b-day! That girl a so cute and hilarious.
Side note: (This computer I am using must have been used  by a little  kid who had maple syrup all over his hands  because the keys are all  stuck and sticking when I type... so  this is taking forever  and will be  short, sorry!)
Well... It is weird having a new companion and staying in the area.  I have to teach him about the area and everything.  I cannot believe I have only had three companions so far! Ha-ha. The good thing is, is that Elder B. Seems to be very excited about organizing the area and getting TO WORK! So we will totally be seeing some upcoming baptisms! Yay! So get ready :)
Anyway  not too much else has happened.  No Facebook yet... Dang  it.  
And no iPads or smartphones... but hopefully soon! ha-ha that would be awesome!  We had three people (investigators) at church on Sunday which is like a record here! So things are looking up. And the members are still pretty excited  it seems. Thank you  for all your prayers and support.  I am so blessed to have such a great family and so many wonderful friends. Oh, and good job with reaching out  to the non-member neighbors! The Elders are going to be so stoked to get a referral  from you!  Then they will start to teach at the house and be part of the ward! Yay!  Missionary  work is the best ever!
I love you all  and I am glad to hear you are doing so well!  Shout-out to Rachel and Caiside! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH AND I LOVE YOU!
Keep up the great missionary work everybody.  Forgive me for the H.S. Musical quote, but "we are all in this together!" Members ARE missionaries.  :)
Elder Farley

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breelaun is Baptized!!

Hallo Mutti!

Was ist los?  Things are getting pretty hot here in DC/Maryland.  Today we are emailing at the Library of Congress again.  It’s the best because it’s the most relaxing of emailing days.  We were up early to go to do a workout at Breelaun's gym.  I don't know how much Elder Kuddes likes to get up early and go do crazy circuit training workouts, but I LOVE IT!  So drag him along anyway.  It’s also an awesome excuse to go see Breelaun.  Oh and by the way... BREELAUN GOT BAPTIZED!  He had to get an interview with President and all since he went to the other ward but he is solid!  He wanted me to baptize him to! :)  Best day ever.  We did it in Anacostia (South-East DC) which is like the DC equivalent of south-central Los Angeles.  Ha-ha.  The building there is awesome though.  The font is on the second floor behind the curtains behind the pew in the chapel.  So everyone looks up and watches the baptism like that.  It's sweet.  It was such an amazing experience.  I am so happy for him.

 Besides that we had a 48 hour car fast since about 10 missionaries have gotten into car crashes this month.  If it were me, I would just be like, "That’s it!!  Bikes for the rest of the summer!"  Missionaries... they need to learn how to drive.  We may have the greatest missionaries out here teaching and obedience wise, but they must have taken driving lessons from an old Asian woman or something.  Anyway, Elder Kuddes and I have a HUGE area so we got permission to use our car.  But on Tuesday we went out for an hour near UM campus and we were talking to people like CRAZY!  College students are weird though.  They are so worried about themselves and think there is no time for God in their life.  Really sad... Maybe I should take up soap-boxing.  Go Daniel Jones status on these people and bring them to repentance. 

The weird thing is that I am "killing" Elder Kuddes.  I’m pushing him hard to the end so that he doesn't get too "trunky".  He is doing great though.  I imagine everyone’s last week of their mission is pretty hard to totally focus on the work ha-ha.  I would just be dreaming of swimming all day! Especially since its infinity degrees out here with the humidity.  When it rains it feels amazing.  Then the clouds will start to part or move away and I am like, "Oh NO!!! Not the sun!!"  Then the heat increases and you are pretty much walking in a sauna.  Ha-ha.  But everyone else is nasty and sweaty too so it’s all good.  Plus, I am getting a pretty gnarly missionary tan -_-  yay! 

This next transfer is bringing in 13 new missionaries.  Elder Kuddes is with only two other missionaries who are exiting the mission.  Where are they going to put all these greenies?  I have no clue.  But it is EXCITING!  So next week’s email should have some good info hopefully.  We will see what Prez Cooke has up his inspired sleeves.

Oh, I also wanted to say that I thought Brian's German translations of the team’s defensive positions are great!  I had a good chuckle!  (But not too loud because I am in the Library's research center :/ )   It sounds like all is going well at home!  I hope F-Town gets some more rain!  Tell everyone I say hello and I love them!  Keep up the missionary work at home.  Everyone needs the gospel and you would be surprised at all those who are ready to receive it.  Pray for courage and opportunities to share this great message of the restoration and God's plan of Salvation.  This is the greatest work in the world.  And the Lord blesses those who accept His call.  I love you and pray for you always. 

Stay healthy, safe, and happy!

Love your boy,

Elder Sean Farley

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Mission President

Wow, this was the fastest week of my life.  But I wrote so much in my journal this week that it feels like I have a month worth of entries.  So much has happened.  We met the new President, had interviews, 4th of July, and tons more.  So I really have no idea where to start.  
First off... I am happy to hear everyone is doing well!  Sounds like the 4th of July was the best since you all got to see the Parsons.  Not fair. I am so jealous!  And Brian has probably the coolest shorts ever! Ha-ha!  Tell the Parsons I say hi!  :) Happy Birthday SUMMER!!!  I am glad you got to see pictures of the missionaries down at the Mall.  I was down there too but the only lady I met there tried to freaking kidnap me!! Ha-ha not really... but pretty much.  So Elder Kuddes and I were wearing our P-day clothes.  Mine consist of basketball shorts and a tee shirt.  His were black slacks and a long sleeve black dress shirt from the 90s... and yes it was infinite degrees outside.  Anyway, this lady came up to me and said something but I didn't hear.  She walked a few feet and then stopped and looked back seeing that I didn't respond.  I looked at her awkwardly and she did the same back.  (Keep in mind I was looking for the other missionaries in our district so I wasn't really paying too much attention to other people.)  She then walked back to me with a very serious face and said with concern, "Are you confused?" as she grabbed my wrist.  I pulled away totally confused but just said, "Nooooooo....."  She was then super serious and said, "YES YOU ARE!  You need to come with me right now."  I was like, "Heck no get away lady."  (She was a white lady about 40 years old and I totally thought she was Mormon at first.)  She then asked me a bunch of questions like why are you wearing a Mormon name tag, why are you not in your outfits, where is your companion.  I answered all her questions pretty simply.  "Umm.... It's P-day I can wear what I want, and I AM Mormon and a missionary, and my companion is right HERE!"  I pointed to Elder Kuddes who was so sweaty and out in the twilight zone so she probably didn't even see him!  Then she just took off.  It was so weird.  I am still confused to this day ha-ha.  But all the Elders thought it was hilarious when we told them.  So that was the highlight of my Independence Day.  We also went to a lake near UM campus and watched fireworks.  It was awesome.  
Silver Springs South Zone
Meeting President Cooke and his family was awesome.  Then all greeted us and told us about themselves.  The one boy who is 15 was like, " well I will pretty much be serving a mission for 5 years, but I guess this is good preparation."  Right when his parents finish their mission here he will be starting his own. But they are all nice and awesome.  Interviews with him went really well too.  I like him.  He is so stoked about missionary work it is ridiculous! The Assistants and President are driving around all day meeting Bishops, Stake Presidents, Area Authorities and just everyone.  He is legit.  But as for now all the rules and the mission as a whole seems the same.  But we will see what the future brings.  
Oh... and good ol' Sister Emma Mayes fed us before interviews and Since Elder Parker (Elder Loveless's son) was new in the mission he had to eat a Scotch Bonnet Pepper.  I also kept putting this off every time we go over to her house and this day was the day I HAD to do it.  It is either that or we have to wear a dress.  Let me explain how hot these things are... Imagine Hell.  Now imagine Hell times 100!!! That's how hot they are.  They seriously put my body into a totally vibrating numbness.  I never in my life imagined a pepper, or anything for that matter, could be as hot as these things were. Elder Parker and I were DONE!!! I had someone video tape it on my camera and it’s like 10 minutes of pure madness.  So when I send my next SD card you can all laugh at me as much as you want.  
Anyway, that's about it.  The work is progressing and we got a couple new referrals who seem really solid!  So I will update on them as we are able to meet with them.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!  And always remember... I you are ever offered a Scotch Bonnet... say no.  Just say NO!  
Love,  Elder Sean Farley :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Hello Momma, Dad and Family,
So this week is a little unique since the 4th is tomorrow!  We got permission to e-mail today since the Libraries will all be closed tomorrow but it is not P-day today.  We have an all day P-day tomorrow!!!  I am so stoked.  We are not allowed to go to the Mall after 6pm tomorrow because of all the crowds, crazy people, and stuff like that.  But I heard a bunch of bands are going to be there right on the steps of the Capitol building!  I wish I could go but we have some other fun things in mind.  As for the new Mission President we have not met him yet.  The only ones who have met him are probably the Assistants.  Unless they went to the Visitor's Center and some sisters saw them.  Apparently President looks like Steve Martin, at least that is what one of the ASL missionaries told me!  Ha-ha I hope he does :) I would feel so comfortable around him... "Did you say... kill us?" (Three Amigos reference)  Oh boy, that would be great.  But we will see.  This Friday is Zone Training Meeting/Mission Tour.  So we will get to see him there.  Then next week we have interviews.  Good thing I know of a hair salon that is open tomorrow so I can look fresh when I meet the Prez… I also have to give a training on bearing pure testimony... I am so nervous haha!  First time I meet president and I have to do a training! Ah! I better make a good impression!  
Dad, I love your letters!  They are great.  Thanks for filling me in on everything!   The trip sounded really fun!  I saw some pictures mom sent to me on e-mail and you all look really good!  Healthy and fit!  I am pretty jealous you are all going to see the Parson family and Rachel.  But tell everyone I say Hi!  Also, tell Jacob I say congrats!  What a stud.  He is going to be an awesome Baseball player just like his Grandpa Farley (you). I really want to go to Canada one day!  I guess I am having mountain withdrawals.  I think I saw a hill yesterday... that was exciting.  But this place is great besides that.  It is so humid though.  If I lived here I could have a fro.  Dang!  You all saw Uncle Bob!  So cool.  I can't wait to see his Gold Mine! 88 years old and still kickin' too.  I guess that is what the mountains do for you.  Clean air, clean living. I am going to be so happy to see some mountains in two years.  This place is as flat as a pancake.  No wonder there are so many natural disasters out here in the east.  But I am sure Brian loved the mountains too.  The lack of technology was probably good for him.  haha.
We we’re in the city this morning to go check on our former investigator Breelaun and we got to do a workout with him as well.  Man is that guy in shape.  He is in the process of preparing for baptism and he is SO ready.  He wants us to be part of his baptism too. So he is doing great! 
Nelson came to church again so that was awesome!  He even got up and bore his testimony in 3rd hour about how the missionaries have helped him get his life back on track and how he is regaining his relationship with God.   So we are trying hard we him to get him to be baptized but his schedule is INSANE.  He is only in his mid-20s and he has like 4+ brothers and sisters to support here and in Africa.  I don't know how he survives like that.  He really inspires us whenever we meet with him.  So it will take some time.  But I know he will be baptized.  
The Leadership Broadcast was the best!  I am glad you got to see it.  The fire in the ward is growing and we as missionaries are calling and texting the ward members as much as we can throughout the day challenging them and building their trust.  They have really started to the love and trust the missionaries now and with our new ward mission leader (who has only been home from his mission for 6 months) the fire rises! So we will hopefully be getting some lessons with members and their friends now and more often.  We are very excited and I am doing all I can to make sure Elder Kuddes stays pumped too.  I don't want him to die out on me for his last three weeks.  Ha-ha.  Dang... I cannot believe he goes home so soon.  That is kinda freaky.  But He has been a great companion.  I have and am learning a ton from him and the Lord has been teaching me a lot of patients along with other Christ-like attributes.  
I am excited to see all the new stuff take action.  Facebook!?!  So cool.  And doing church tours will be way fun too.  So everything is going great here!  As for training.. I have no idea what will happen next transfer.  Depends on what president will do.  So I guess we will see soon enough! 
Well thanks for the wonderful e-mail Dad.  I love you and am so happy you and Mom got married and sealed together so that We All can be together forever.  It's the greatest blessing I think of that Heavenly Father has given us.  I hope all is well and I send my love to the whole family!
Anyway, that's it folks.  I love you all and hope EVERYONE is doing well!
Elder Farley
Ps: I can't believe Chloe Wells is going on a mission!  She will be near the DC south mission and my mission!  Super cool!  Little turkey didn't even tell me she was putting in her papers! Ha-ha