Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Hello Momma, Dad and Family,
So this week is a little unique since the 4th is tomorrow!  We got permission to e-mail today since the Libraries will all be closed tomorrow but it is not P-day today.  We have an all day P-day tomorrow!!!  I am so stoked.  We are not allowed to go to the Mall after 6pm tomorrow because of all the crowds, crazy people, and stuff like that.  But I heard a bunch of bands are going to be there right on the steps of the Capitol building!  I wish I could go but we have some other fun things in mind.  As for the new Mission President we have not met him yet.  The only ones who have met him are probably the Assistants.  Unless they went to the Visitor's Center and some sisters saw them.  Apparently President looks like Steve Martin, at least that is what one of the ASL missionaries told me!  Ha-ha I hope he does :) I would feel so comfortable around him... "Did you say... kill us?" (Three Amigos reference)  Oh boy, that would be great.  But we will see.  This Friday is Zone Training Meeting/Mission Tour.  So we will get to see him there.  Then next week we have interviews.  Good thing I know of a hair salon that is open tomorrow so I can look fresh when I meet the Prez… I also have to give a training on bearing pure testimony... I am so nervous haha!  First time I meet president and I have to do a training! Ah! I better make a good impression!  
Dad, I love your letters!  They are great.  Thanks for filling me in on everything!   The trip sounded really fun!  I saw some pictures mom sent to me on e-mail and you all look really good!  Healthy and fit!  I am pretty jealous you are all going to see the Parson family and Rachel.  But tell everyone I say Hi!  Also, tell Jacob I say congrats!  What a stud.  He is going to be an awesome Baseball player just like his Grandpa Farley (you). I really want to go to Canada one day!  I guess I am having mountain withdrawals.  I think I saw a hill yesterday... that was exciting.  But this place is great besides that.  It is so humid though.  If I lived here I could have a fro.  Dang!  You all saw Uncle Bob!  So cool.  I can't wait to see his Gold Mine! 88 years old and still kickin' too.  I guess that is what the mountains do for you.  Clean air, clean living. I am going to be so happy to see some mountains in two years.  This place is as flat as a pancake.  No wonder there are so many natural disasters out here in the east.  But I am sure Brian loved the mountains too.  The lack of technology was probably good for him.  haha.
We we’re in the city this morning to go check on our former investigator Breelaun and we got to do a workout with him as well.  Man is that guy in shape.  He is in the process of preparing for baptism and he is SO ready.  He wants us to be part of his baptism too. So he is doing great! 
Nelson came to church again so that was awesome!  He even got up and bore his testimony in 3rd hour about how the missionaries have helped him get his life back on track and how he is regaining his relationship with God.   So we are trying hard we him to get him to be baptized but his schedule is INSANE.  He is only in his mid-20s and he has like 4+ brothers and sisters to support here and in Africa.  I don't know how he survives like that.  He really inspires us whenever we meet with him.  So it will take some time.  But I know he will be baptized.  
The Leadership Broadcast was the best!  I am glad you got to see it.  The fire in the ward is growing and we as missionaries are calling and texting the ward members as much as we can throughout the day challenging them and building their trust.  They have really started to the love and trust the missionaries now and with our new ward mission leader (who has only been home from his mission for 6 months) the fire rises! So we will hopefully be getting some lessons with members and their friends now and more often.  We are very excited and I am doing all I can to make sure Elder Kuddes stays pumped too.  I don't want him to die out on me for his last three weeks.  Ha-ha.  Dang... I cannot believe he goes home so soon.  That is kinda freaky.  But He has been a great companion.  I have and am learning a ton from him and the Lord has been teaching me a lot of patients along with other Christ-like attributes.  
I am excited to see all the new stuff take action.  Facebook!?!  So cool.  And doing church tours will be way fun too.  So everything is going great here!  As for training.. I have no idea what will happen next transfer.  Depends on what president will do.  So I guess we will see soon enough! 
Well thanks for the wonderful e-mail Dad.  I love you and am so happy you and Mom got married and sealed together so that We All can be together forever.  It's the greatest blessing I think of that Heavenly Father has given us.  I hope all is well and I send my love to the whole family!
Anyway, that's it folks.  I love you all and hope EVERYONE is doing well!
Elder Farley
Ps: I can't believe Chloe Wells is going on a mission!  She will be near the DC south mission and my mission!  Super cool!  Little turkey didn't even tell me she was putting in her papers! Ha-ha

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