Monday, January 27, 2014

Referral from

No Pictures from Elder Farley this week...AGAIN!!! So, The embarrassment continues!
Hey Mom!

This week has been really awesome!  It feels like it has been really dragged out because a lot has happened, but it has been very fun and productive even with the set-backs we had.  So early morning on Tuesday there was a light snow that started up as we got ready for the day and started our studies.  By the time studies were over we had a couple inches outside and the snow was coming down pretty good. So we received a call-out from the assistants telling us to stay in until further notice.  It didn't get much better so we were not allowed to drive and only go out on foot if we had appointments.  So we ended up staying inside all day and that consisted of eating, more studies, eating and a LONG game of monopoly.  It was the monopoly that you play with credit cards so that was way better! (Not that it matters but guess who won?!?.... THIS GUY.)  So that was kind of the set-back we had this week, along with the next day not being able to leave until lunch.  But that was not as bad. 

On Thursday we had a pretty sweet miracle.  I call it my "Hump Day Miracle!"  So we received a referral via text that came from  It was a lady named Laquay who was asking for a Bible since her old one was in bad shape.  We went over and knocked on her apartment door and we were welcomed in to have a "bible study."  We explained our purpose as missionaries and what we were all about and we started to talk about the Book of Mormon.  We then started to explain how our church was different from other churches and what was so special about our message. (Keep in mind this lady is studying to be a deacon in her church.)  Anyway, we taught her the Restoration and right after we shared Joseph Smith's First Vision experience she stopped us and said, "This is amazing... You two are so young!  You are going to make me cry!"  And then the Spirit hit harder than before and she was in tears.  We were able to bear our testimony of the truthfulness of our message and the Spirit that was testifying to her that what we were sharing with her is true. She was so happy to hear the message of the Restored gospel and accepted to be baptized along with her 12 year old daughter that was also listening into the lesson.  Such a wonderful experience to be a part of!  Needless to say, Elder Rushton and I were stoked!!

A lot of things have been happening in the mission lately.  We are getting iPad minis this Friday and will begin to use them in our proselyting!  There has also been a push to use Family Search/ Family History work and genealogy in proselyting to bring even more people into the church and to aid the work of salvation.  We were able to be part of the Suitland Stake's Ward Mission Leader meeting where we discussed using the ward mission plan and keeping it a living document.  Elder Rushton and I focused on the Families in the ward and how each family can do their part in the ward by creating a family mission plan where they could use their talents and strengths to share the gospel.  I used the paper that Dad sent out to me that is being used in the ward back home too!  It went really well and it is great to see the "behind the scenes" of the Mission and Stake work that goes on.  It really has strengthened my testimony in so many ways as I have been able to partake in these opportunities and experiences.  

I am so very thankful for the chance I have to be a missionary for the Lord, Jesus Christ.  How cool is it that He would trust me enough to represent Him and do His work.  It is a humbling thought every time I remember what I am a part of.  And it is great to know that we all are a part of His work or at least have the opportunity to become one of His disciples.  As we remember our role in the great plan of Salvation, we remember that it is our responsibility to help our brothers and sisters return to our Father in Heaven.  If we turn to our Savior and look for help through Him, we can truly become the missionaries of His church that we have been asked to be.   Do not forget that we are all children of God and that with that knowledge we should have the courage to do ALL things Father in Heaven asks us to do.  I know the Church is true and I know that nothing will stop the WORK from progressing.  

I am so happy to hear everything back home is going great!  I love you and all of the family and friends back home.  Stay healthy, happy and safe!

Love your son,

Elder Sean Farley

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hump Week!

Since Sean didn't send any pictures this week - Here is a BLAST from the PAST! 10 years ago at Brian's baptism!!
Hey Momma!

It has been such a fast week!  It sounds like things back home are going pretty well.  I am glad the office is pretty much all finished up. The pictures/videos you sent are awesome!  The place is way up to date now.
I am glad the Chandler's books made their way home safety.  She told Elder Gomez and I that they would send us those for Christmas! Rocky was super funny because he was like, "WHAT?  Not those!  Anything but those ones.  What do they get those for??"  Ha ha He is such a crack-up.  If you all come out here next year, you MUST meet Rocky and Sister Chandler.  They are great! 

I am sad I will be missing out on Grandpa's birthday dinner!  Happy Birthday Grandpa!!  I hope you have a great one... I will miss not being able to hear your many jokes and stories that you always have :)

I was able to get the package for "Hump Day" that you sent.  The many pictures with all the family and other ward members was pretty funny!  My roommates and I had a good laugh.  Thank you for the package and all the goodies inside!  The shirt is great too!  I will wear it on the 23rd and take a picture! Ha ha.

The Zone is awesome!  We just had Zone Training Meeting this week and Elder Rushton and I gave a workshop on Online Proselyting since the Zone has been struggling with that recently.  It went really well since everyone hopped in and was asking questions and answering them as well. Along with the training meeting we had interviews with President.  The layout of the interviews always involves one of the ZLs interviewed first and the other one goes last.  So I went last but it was good to have a one-on-one with President Cooke. I love our mission president and his wife.  I cannot wait for you and Dad to meet them as well.  They are so helpful and selfless. 

It has been fun to see the change in the mission over this year and I am really excited to be able to be in a zone with so many of my close mission buddies. Elder McDonald is the Capitol Hill District Leader, Elder Owens (another MTC district mate) is in one of the districts, and Elder Peterson is the District Leader in Capitol and we were able to go on an exchange last Saturday.  While we were on the exchange we tracted into this old lady who was really receptive to our message.  We were able to share a brief message on the Restoration of the Gospel and invite her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to come to know if what we shared was true. She accepted after we both bore our testimonies of how we know it is true scripture and that Christ's church has been restored.  Elder Peterson's testimony was amazing. It was a blessing to be around him to hear him bear it many times throughout the day.  The Lord gave us many opportunities to share our testimonies with others that day.  

It is wonderful to hear all the missionary work going on at home!  I hope the members will continue to get excited and share the gospel with all their friends, family, and neighbors!  Keep up the good work with the Member Missionary classes :)

I love you and the family so much.  I also miss our ward!  Tell them all I say hi and to keep the faith and be courageous!  There is no time to waste when sharing the gospel!  Thanks again for all of your love, prayers, and support.

Love your boy, 

Elder Sean Farley

Monday, January 13, 2014

Zone Leader in Anacostia

Elder's Rushton and Farley
Hey Mom! 

Ha ha you made me laugh with all your questions in the beginning of your email!  My new area is Capitol Heights and I am Zone Leader with Elder Rushton.  The area is super great!  I am so happy that I get to be ZL over the ghetto city area.  We cover Anacostia (which is the run-down part of DC) Capitol Hill (where all the rich young hipsters live) and Capitol (which is in Maryland and is a pretty nice area.)  Elder McDonald is the DL in Capitol Hill, Elder Chapman is DL in Anacostia and Elder Peterson(MTC roommate) is DL in Capitol.  So it is an awesome Zone and everyone is set on working really hard.  Being Zone Leader is really different but it is great to be able to help out the missionaries in the Zone.  Elder Rushton is being a great Sr ZL for me and is teaching me everything really well.  Besides that I don't have a ton more to say. We get to have conference calls with President and all the mission's ZLs every Saturday night.  So that is pretty sweet too.

In the morning here we go to the Capitol apartment because they have a mini gym and we workout there.  It isn't very good but it works.  Elder Chapman and Elder Von Trapp are our roommates and they are so funny!  Elder Chapman is from Austrailia and Elder Von Trapp is from Qatar (Arabian Peninsula) but he is American.  Don't ask me, I have no clue why his family lives there.  But he is about 140 lbs and wants to get HUGE so he eats a TON!  He is always like, "I'm gunna be HUGE!"  I love him already.  Oh but yeah... I guess if you were going to send out nice jeans maybe I can have them for when I get home :)  I don't want to have a lot of nice clothes out here since I won't wear it as a missionary.  But all my church clothes still fit.  I think I am size 32-34 still just a little bigger in the hammy section.  And my arm is feeling a little better I think. Not a ton but a little.  

OH I almost forgot to talk about the ward here!  It is so awesome!  Like Mormon/Southern Baptist church!   Everyone here is so nice and great!  Mostly African Americans but there are a few white people.  Everyone in the gospel principles class is like, "Mmmhmm! "  About everything they agree with. And the investigators love it too, so there is no complaining here.  I met our Bishop the second night I  was here and his family too.  He is a great guy and really seems to be moving the wrok along great!  So I am very stoked for this transfer and the time I have to spend here. 

It is so awesome you are a ward missionary now!  That is so sweet!! Now you and Dad can get the whole ward super excited about sharing the Gospel with their friends.  It seriously can change so quickly too.  I have noticed that the wards and families that are just a little more outgoing or go out of their way to say hi to people and just invite them to activities and to their home; those are the ones who end up bringing SO many people to the Gospel.  So all you people reading this blog need to go out there and share that good word!! ha ha and it can be as easy as just inviting a neighbor, co-worker, or friend over to your home for dinner or desert! Be creative and take some advice from Nike and JUST DO IT!  The Lord truly blesses those who are courageous and boldly share His gospel.  I know everyone has the capability as members of His church to share Gospel.  So I will be praying for you mom and everyone in the ward back home to have wonderful experiences and many opportunities to bring others to Christ.

I love and miss you Momma as well as the family.  Tell everyone in the ward I say hi :)

Love your son,

Elder Sean Bachman Farley

Monday, January 6, 2014

Lexington Park Transfers!

Hey Momma!

Wow... so transfer call-outs were pretty weird!  It was the first time they called us on Saturday and they only let us know if we are leaving or staying.  Then on Tuesday night they are going to do another call-out to let us know who our new companions will be and for the leaving Elders/Sisters-where their new area is.  So it is pretty crazy!  I am excited for the new challenges and experiences that are ahead but I will really miss this area a lot!!! There are so many members I want to come back and visit after the mission.  But I know there will be other people who will come along and I will be able to learn from them and make new friends.  So transfers should be interesting.  Poor Elder Gomez is freaking out about who his companion is going to be!  Ha ha I remember that feeling after I left Elder Anderson.  You get comfortable with one companion then you have to learn how to get along with someone totally different. Mission life... it's the best! I love it! (Nacho Libre paraphrased.) 

It is nice to hear that Dad's office is almost finished.  I cannot wait to see pictures of it!  I hope everyone is recovering well.  Sounds like Brian is doing better.  I hope your ankle continues to get better.  Just RICE it!  REST ICE COMPRESS ELEVATE.  :D  It sounds like you will be pretty busy with all the new stuff going on in the office.  I hope you all don't get too stressed. I will send some prayers your way for sure! :)  Oh, and I love your idea for watching the BCS for FHE.  Maybe we can get some members here to do the same!  haha just kidding!  The only downside to January is taking down all the Christmas lights... So we are leaving our Christmas tree up all year :)  It makes everyone happier anyway.  Ha ha.  

Things here are going good.  We had a  throw down session with all the Less-actives and Do Not Contacts for our ward.  A couple nights ago we got out our member book and just started calling everyone in the area we didn't know!  I figured at least the Do Not Contacts wouldn't be able to shoot us through the phone.  It turned out pretty good too!  There were people who wanted to feed us and have us over to share a message! So our goal in Lexington Park, or at least one of them, is to find out who everyone is in the ward directory and get the members to meet with them so they will be able to fellowship them and bring them to church.  Many are part-member families so their is a TON of potential there.  
January 1, 2014

Anyway, not too much news yet besides it getting really cold here tomorrow.  Besides that I am doing awesome!  I love you and the fam so much!  I hope everyone is doing great and is working hard to share the gospel.  Thanks for all that you do!


Elder Sean Farley