Monday, January 6, 2014

Lexington Park Transfers!

Hey Momma!

Wow... so transfer call-outs were pretty weird!  It was the first time they called us on Saturday and they only let us know if we are leaving or staying.  Then on Tuesday night they are going to do another call-out to let us know who our new companions will be and for the leaving Elders/Sisters-where their new area is.  So it is pretty crazy!  I am excited for the new challenges and experiences that are ahead but I will really miss this area a lot!!! There are so many members I want to come back and visit after the mission.  But I know there will be other people who will come along and I will be able to learn from them and make new friends.  So transfers should be interesting.  Poor Elder Gomez is freaking out about who his companion is going to be!  Ha ha I remember that feeling after I left Elder Anderson.  You get comfortable with one companion then you have to learn how to get along with someone totally different. Mission life... it's the best! I love it! (Nacho Libre paraphrased.) 

It is nice to hear that Dad's office is almost finished.  I cannot wait to see pictures of it!  I hope everyone is recovering well.  Sounds like Brian is doing better.  I hope your ankle continues to get better.  Just RICE it!  REST ICE COMPRESS ELEVATE.  :D  It sounds like you will be pretty busy with all the new stuff going on in the office.  I hope you all don't get too stressed. I will send some prayers your way for sure! :)  Oh, and I love your idea for watching the BCS for FHE.  Maybe we can get some members here to do the same!  haha just kidding!  The only downside to January is taking down all the Christmas lights... So we are leaving our Christmas tree up all year :)  It makes everyone happier anyway.  Ha ha.  

Things here are going good.  We had a  throw down session with all the Less-actives and Do Not Contacts for our ward.  A couple nights ago we got out our member book and just started calling everyone in the area we didn't know!  I figured at least the Do Not Contacts wouldn't be able to shoot us through the phone.  It turned out pretty good too!  There were people who wanted to feed us and have us over to share a message! So our goal in Lexington Park, or at least one of them, is to find out who everyone is in the ward directory and get the members to meet with them so they will be able to fellowship them and bring them to church.  Many are part-member families so their is a TON of potential there.  
January 1, 2014

Anyway, not too much news yet besides it getting really cold here tomorrow.  Besides that I am doing awesome!  I love you and the fam so much!  I hope everyone is doing great and is working hard to share the gospel.  Thanks for all that you do!


Elder Sean Farley

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