Monday, January 20, 2014

Hump Week!

Since Sean didn't send any pictures this week - Here is a BLAST from the PAST! 10 years ago at Brian's baptism!!
Hey Momma!

It has been such a fast week!  It sounds like things back home are going pretty well.  I am glad the office is pretty much all finished up. The pictures/videos you sent are awesome!  The place is way up to date now.
I am glad the Chandler's books made their way home safety.  She told Elder Gomez and I that they would send us those for Christmas! Rocky was super funny because he was like, "WHAT?  Not those!  Anything but those ones.  What do they get those for??"  Ha ha He is such a crack-up.  If you all come out here next year, you MUST meet Rocky and Sister Chandler.  They are great! 

I am sad I will be missing out on Grandpa's birthday dinner!  Happy Birthday Grandpa!!  I hope you have a great one... I will miss not being able to hear your many jokes and stories that you always have :)

I was able to get the package for "Hump Day" that you sent.  The many pictures with all the family and other ward members was pretty funny!  My roommates and I had a good laugh.  Thank you for the package and all the goodies inside!  The shirt is great too!  I will wear it on the 23rd and take a picture! Ha ha.

The Zone is awesome!  We just had Zone Training Meeting this week and Elder Rushton and I gave a workshop on Online Proselyting since the Zone has been struggling with that recently.  It went really well since everyone hopped in and was asking questions and answering them as well. Along with the training meeting we had interviews with President.  The layout of the interviews always involves one of the ZLs interviewed first and the other one goes last.  So I went last but it was good to have a one-on-one with President Cooke. I love our mission president and his wife.  I cannot wait for you and Dad to meet them as well.  They are so helpful and selfless. 

It has been fun to see the change in the mission over this year and I am really excited to be able to be in a zone with so many of my close mission buddies. Elder McDonald is the Capitol Hill District Leader, Elder Owens (another MTC district mate) is in one of the districts, and Elder Peterson is the District Leader in Capitol and we were able to go on an exchange last Saturday.  While we were on the exchange we tracted into this old lady who was really receptive to our message.  We were able to share a brief message on the Restoration of the Gospel and invite her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to come to know if what we shared was true. She accepted after we both bore our testimonies of how we know it is true scripture and that Christ's church has been restored.  Elder Peterson's testimony was amazing. It was a blessing to be around him to hear him bear it many times throughout the day.  The Lord gave us many opportunities to share our testimonies with others that day.  

It is wonderful to hear all the missionary work going on at home!  I hope the members will continue to get excited and share the gospel with all their friends, family, and neighbors!  Keep up the good work with the Member Missionary classes :)

I love you and the family so much.  I also miss our ward!  Tell them all I say hi and to keep the faith and be courageous!  There is no time to waste when sharing the gospel!  Thanks again for all of your love, prayers, and support.

Love your boy, 

Elder Sean Farley

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  1. LOVE the blog! Our dd also celebrated hump day the same week. Now we can say how much longer they have LEFT! My daughter is Sister Bascom. She is a Temple Square sister. As part of their program they leave the square for two to three transfers to go to another mission for a more traditional missionary experience. She arrived this transfer in DC. She will be there until mid May. She is presently in the Seneca Zone for this transfer but will be heading south next transfer to train two new ASL sisters in the deaf branch for her remaining time. Look fwd to reading more posts.