Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bruce Lee is ALIVE & WELL!!

Hello Momma!
Today we are AGAIN at the Library of Congress.  We went with a big group of missionaries to the Lincoln Memorial to do sunrise pictures, so I got up at 4:45 this morning to bike to the Metro. I felt like a zombie.  And it was freezing walking to the memorial building.  But the view was awesome and the "Rocky Balboa" run up the stairs was legendary! Don't worry we took plenty of pictures as we made Forrest Gump jokes (which kinda died off since we didn't remember too many from the scenes in DC).  Oh and Elder McDonald is with my old MTC comp Elder Johnson! I thought that was pretty funny/cool.
I am glad you got the bracelet I sent you.  The member that gave it to me said I need to send it to my girlfriend and it would ensure our relationship or something like that ha-ha but Elder Anderson and I wanted to send it to our Mommas since we are single.(Forever Alone-cough cough.) ha-ha plus I love you and miss you a ton!  And for those people that are asking for my mission address, I don't mind if you tell them-but more stationary would be wonderful.  I like the ones with my name at the top. It makes me feel important ;) ha-ha.
Okay, what the heck is wrong with my Danny-boy Lacey?  Don't tell Ty- he will just say to drink more milk, "it cures everything!" But in all seriousness I hope he is doing okay!  Tell him I said hi!
And wow... that Spring Formal sounds bomb.  Must be nice Brian.  But It is good to hear I am still remembered in good old F-Town!  It's nice to hear that everyone is doing so good!  And Uncle Vaughn is a boss. I am glad he is adjusting so well!
It is also nice to hear that my SC amigos are doing well and all on missions or going on missions soon!  I know they are all making great choices in their lives.  

I can't believe Sister M betrayed us and put that video up with us singing!  I told her she better not! Ha-ha Oh, and speaking about being betrayed... I have a awesome story for everyone today:  So on Thursday we were headed to our usual lunch appointment with Sister Domonique and we were stopped by a Vietnamese guy.  He started talking to us and then out of nowhere was like, "Look at these hands!  What do you see??"  And me, being innocent and not realizing the dude was a loony was like, "um... a callous?" He said, "NO! What do these hand mean?"  I answer again, "hmm... does it mean you are a hard worker?" Ha-ha and then he looks at us both and says..."I am Bruce Lee."  I instantly realized this was about to be the best conversation ever!  He went on and on talking about how he was re-incarnated and how he lost his awesome fighting powers in the re-incarnation but that the spirit of Bruce Lee was inside him.  He then went on talking about how his father and brother betrayed him and broke his arm because they we jealous that he was left handed and wanted to make him right handed.  He turned to Elder Anderson and asked who was the most evil man on the earth.  And Elder Anderson was like, "Cain?... maybe the devil?"  And "Bruce" was like, "No! David." Who he said was his dad. So we were then super confused.  I guess his dad's name was David or something.  And then he said that his dad was the most evil man on the earth and he is "George W. Bush"!!! So I guess his dad is George W. "David" Bush.... It was so awesome.  Best crazy person we have met so far!  So that is my crazy story for the week.
We also have a new investigator named Barbara!  She is amazing!  We met her on Friday (she was a text referral) and we taught her the first lesson after finding out she had received a Book of Mormon already and had been reading it every night on her iPad.  It was so sweet!! So she came to all three hours of church and now we are teaching her another lesson tonight at the Temple Visitors Center!  So that was a miracle for sure!  I am so excited to finally meet someone truly interested in this great message.
Thanks for the picture of Ryker, mom.  Summer looks great and so does the new baby!  I am so happy for the family and its new member.  Ryker is a lucky boy to be around such great people.  I will look forward to pictures with him and Caiside during my mission.  I can just see Caiside now.... She will really have a change getting used to sharing and not having all the attention as a only child.  I feel like somehow I barely remember when Brian was back from the hospital.  I didn't want that little monster taking any of my thunder!  Little did I know that he was a semi truck packed into a little baby.  Kinda like a mini Arnold. He caused destruction for days!  ;) But look at us now.  We are the best of friends!  So I know that Ryker and Caiside will do great together.
Well my family and friends... I have written a lot.  And I want to get out to see the city!  I love and miss you all.  Thank you for all the support and prayers.  I am praying for all of you as well!
Love your favorite missionary,
Elder Farley
p.s. I will send the SD soon!  My goal is to hit 300 pics!  Almost there!  Sorry mom-hope that's not too many to check through.
Elder Snow Man
Also, as a little side story: We made a snowman this week when it snowed like crazy and we left a Book of Mormon in him and a lot of Pass-a-long cards stuck all over him. When we came back the next day they were almost all gone! Along with the Book of Mormon. That probably isn't a normal missionary thing but... well we are getting creative.  Plus no one was even home around the area :)
Love you all  Bye!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Elder Farley & Elder Anderson!!

Hey Momma,
Thank you  and to everyone else that has sent me letters and packages for my birthday!  It was the best birthday ever. I seriously thought a few elders want me dead (over exaggeration) because of all the stuff I got.  The other Derwood elders were freaking out when I opened all my packages.  They were like, "Elder Farley you have gotten more mail than I have received my whole mission!" Ha-ha so it is really nice to feel so loved and remembered out here!  
I am glad that Hermana LuLu sent that picture to you!  She threw us an awesome Birthday party (Elder Anderson and I).  She is like one of the nicest people I have ever met!  So we went over to her place a couple hours before the party and helped her cook and bake the cakes and brownies.  Then a bunch of other Elders came that are from our Zone and some other ward members and friends of LuLu.  Hermana LuLu even had birthday presents for us!  So it has been a wonderful week and a great birthday, that's for sure.  
It has been good to hear so much from the family and to see that everyone is doing well!  I am especially glad to hear that Uncle Vaughn is enjoying his job at Webb!  I am glad he is there in Farmington close to our family!
So this p-day is really exciting because I am for the first time ever in DC!  Right now I am in the Library of Congress writing e-mails on research computers!  We went earlier this morning to go and get research cards and they are like picture IDs that let you get into the back entrances!  They are way cool!  So after we e-mail I will be going to some museums and just enjoying the sites with Elder Anderson and two other Elders from another area.  I am so pumped!  I also took a serious picture for my ID so I look like a murderer. Ha-ha kind of like my BYU-Idaho ID!
Oh, and the story about my bike crash.  It was pretty awesome actually.  So we were going to Sister Rainey's home for a dinner appointment and I was flying down this street to get there.  I was a little ways behind Elder Anderson and saw him take a left turn onto the next street.  I was pretty confident in my speed around the corner but soon I realized it was WAY too fast so I hit the brakes.  Then my back tire sorta started doing a skid and I was done!! Ha-ha so I did a base-ball slide with a bike between my legs for a good 10 yards then instantly popped back onto my bike. It was like the Olympics when the gymnasts stick there landing.  I don't really understand how it happened but it looked cool I am sure.  And Elder Anderson got a kick out of it!  So we kept biking to the house and when we locked up our bikes I looked down and saw my white thigh!  I tore right through my slacks and gave me a good scab and bruise.  So that was probably one of the top stories for the week!  But I am totally fine. I will go a little slower on my bike and remind myself that I'm not in the Tour De France. :) 
Riding the Metro
On the work side of this week we haven't had too much success.  We have continued to set up appointments but they continue to dog us.  But I am not worried.  As long as we continue to go out and find and teach I know someone will be ready to hear and accept this great message. 
Well, everyone is wrapping up and we are about to head out so I will talk to you next week!  Thanks again for all the mail :) Love you all!!
Sean - Elder Farley

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The DC Temple is Amazing!!

Hello Momma,

Wow!  Sounds like an eventful week!  I can't believe Brian's phone flew off the top of the Xcellerator!  He probably did it on purpose to get a new one ;) haha just kidding Brian!  That sounds like a fun trip though.  And it must have been nice to see Pat and Jeremy!  I hope they are doing well!  

So this week has been kind of a blur. I got a couple letters during the week then found out that the Assistants have a bunch of letters and packages for me, so when we went to go get them they were GONE!  Turns out the ZLs came by and took them and who knows when we will see them again.  So a little annoying but oh well.  At least we got to go to the Temple today and do a session!  The DC temple is amazing!  It was a really great way to start off P-day.  After that we even got to meet with one of our investigators to take him on a Visitors Center tour!  So that was really nice too.  Our investigators name is Hallsey and he is 81!  Elder Eyring (President Eyring's brother) was our Temple V.C. tour guide and he did such a great job.  He is one of the most humble and spiritual people I have ever met!  Our P-day was mostly missionary work and now writing letters.  But I don't mind at all.  It was way better to share it with an investigator than just going out and playing basketball or something.

Last night was the Night of Music and Inspiration at the Temple's Visitor Center.  My companion, Elder McDonald, Elder Queen and I all performed "I Feel My Savior's Love"  and the whole night was SO great!  So surprisingly I have been singing a lot.  Give a special "THANK YOU" to Grandma from me for all the singing lessons.  

We have 3 investigators that I have gotten to really meet and progress with.  One is on date to be baptized next month!  We have SO many potentials it is insane!  So we have been spending a lot of time following up with them and trying to set up appointments. I am enjoying the work and REALLY enjoying the people.

A little info on the ward... Our bishop is Bishop Lewis and he is the sweetest and nicest guy I have ever met. And he is a stud at missionary work.  Our mission leader is very good too!  He is very involved and helpful.  AS for the food calender... eh.  Ha-ha it isn't filling up too much but that's okay.  Food is for slackers. ;) I am sure it will fill up soon enough.  The people that feed us are the BEST anyway so we are happy with that. 

Thanks for everything and I cannot wait to get those letters and packages that are being held hostage. They said I have like 10!!! Probably over-exaggerating but everyone knows me now in the mission and are like, "are you Farley? Someone loves you!" and I just say, "thats my momma!" haha so I don't know when I'll get them because the ZLs live kinda far.  At latest, Monday.

Love you all!

Your missionary, 

Elder Farley
Playground Time

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time Keeps on Slipping.....Into the Future!

Hello Everyone,

So this week has FLOWN by!! I seriously felt like I was on this computer typing last weeks e-mail like yesterday!! And again I have very little time to write because we have an appointment to get to!  Busy, Busy! So I will try to get a letter out tonight!  We will see. 

Anyway, this week has been a blast!  Lots of meetings and workshops from the ZLs and APs.  This week we also went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and they took me on bike while Elder Anderson got the car with the other ZL... what a rip off.  Ha-ha just kidding, I love the bike. Too bad it is freezing cold though.  My pinky finger was seriously white for like 30 minutes riding to Specialized Training last weekend!  It was ghost white!  I thought I was going to die.  Haha, but I kept moving it and the blood found its way in there!  And everything that you said you sent I am pretty sure I got!  Still waiting for the SD card but thank you for the letters and all the goodies.  I love getting mail, its the best! Ha-ha. So I will send that SD card soon, since I love taking photos.  I really want to get a picture of the St. Francis Church statue.  It has Jesus getting taken off the cross by Friar Tuck or some monk dude!  Ha-ha!  And there is another church with Jesus with his hands up and everyone calls it "TOUCHDOWN JESUS"-pretty sacrilegious, but it is funny to missionaries.  

So this week we got into a home of this old black lady who had like silverish eyes.  At first I didn't think she would let us in and she was saying that her house was too messy.  But then randomly she was like, "well... come in, I have something to teach you."  I was stoked! I was just glad to get in from the cold and teach a lesson after so much tracting!! But I guess my comp new she was a psycho and that she was no bueno! But I was to excited to share my testimony. Turns out she doesn't believe in Jesus, she thinks there are 13 planets that all have Aliens and the 13th Alien got killed by Zeus and God is just a spirit or something.  And then she took us to her clock and showed us how the time all adds up to six and right there my comp was giving me the look like "we need to get OUT of here."  But me being my stoked-self was still pumped about trying to teach her.  She she sat us back down and kept talking to us. (She was also smoking like paint chips I am pretty sure, weird).  But she kept talking about how she believed in re-incarnation and how she has a daughter or something that is from different parents and how Jesus came to her in the hospital and told her to start this new church and a lot of other whacked out crap that I won't talk about. But after I bore my testimony to her about our church and Christ I felt a really bad feeling like the Spirit was totally gone!  So I was looking at Elder Anderson like, "Yeah, we really need to get outta here!!"  So we quickly got out and were happy to away from her!  My companion thinks she was possessed or something.  But I just think she needs to stop smoking paint!! Ha-ha So hurray!! I met my first crazy lady!! 

Besides that it has been pretty much the same this week!  Oh! we taught the Young Women on Sunday and they loved us so much that we got invited to help out at mutual!  We got to make T-Shirts last night that say "(CM)2" for "Clean Mouth x Clean Mind".  Mine was pretty much the best since I did it free hand and since I am a guy.  Haha, so that was pretty fun. 

We had a Zone Activity today with Basketball, Volleyball, Board Games, and Food!!  I am becoming really good at Basketball!! Blessings!!!! So that was really fun and tonight we are getting fed!! Woohoo! I bore my testimony on fast Sunday and the ward seems like they are more interested in talking with us and meeting with us so hopefully we can get them pumped!! Thanks for the ideas on ward activities!  I will run them by Elder Anderson and try to get something going!  

Well, thank you again so much for all of the packages and letters and for the things you have sent already that I will be getting!  It takes about 3-4 days to send you something and a week or more to get letters and packages from everyone else!  Especially packages.  So that's the deal with the mailing situation.  They had all our addresses messed up at first and now they are finally fixed!  So that's good!  

A note about the weather... it is a pretty nice storm.  But people are freaking out like it is the end of the world! Ha-ha! An old lady came up to us at the grocery store and was like, "You better stock up... a storm is a-comin'!" It was hilarious. So we are all safe and fine here.  Just a little snow, not enough to stop the work. Speaking of the work. I encourage all to re-read my missionary scripture: Hel. 5:12- When you read and really think about it, it really is comforting and helpful!  

Also, my companion is the best!  We have a blast while we work!! We got a bunch of B-day stuff since his birthday is the 19th of March and we found some party stuff at the dollar store! It's High School Musical stuff but its good enough for us!  Ha-ha so its going great being trained. We just are trying to get more teaching appointments and then we will be happy campers.  

... Question- Is Brian's hair like Thor's yet?  I hope so.  Ha-ha!

Well I better sign out!  We have to get going!! Love you and hope you all are doing great!!

Love your boy, 

(Elder Farley)
P.S. Here is a picture of my comp.breaking into our apartment after our door lock broke!!

LOVE YOU ALL and I am so thankful to you all for being super supportive and loving :)