Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time Keeps on Slipping.....Into the Future!

Hello Everyone,

So this week has FLOWN by!! I seriously felt like I was on this computer typing last weeks e-mail like yesterday!! And again I have very little time to write because we have an appointment to get to!  Busy, Busy! So I will try to get a letter out tonight!  We will see. 

Anyway, this week has been a blast!  Lots of meetings and workshops from the ZLs and APs.  This week we also went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and they took me on bike while Elder Anderson got the car with the other ZL... what a rip off.  Ha-ha just kidding, I love the bike. Too bad it is freezing cold though.  My pinky finger was seriously white for like 30 minutes riding to Specialized Training last weekend!  It was ghost white!  I thought I was going to die.  Haha, but I kept moving it and the blood found its way in there!  And everything that you said you sent I am pretty sure I got!  Still waiting for the SD card but thank you for the letters and all the goodies.  I love getting mail, its the best! Ha-ha. So I will send that SD card soon, since I love taking photos.  I really want to get a picture of the St. Francis Church statue.  It has Jesus getting taken off the cross by Friar Tuck or some monk dude!  Ha-ha!  And there is another church with Jesus with his hands up and everyone calls it "TOUCHDOWN JESUS"-pretty sacrilegious, but it is funny to missionaries.  

So this week we got into a home of this old black lady who had like silverish eyes.  At first I didn't think she would let us in and she was saying that her house was too messy.  But then randomly she was like, "well... come in, I have something to teach you."  I was stoked! I was just glad to get in from the cold and teach a lesson after so much tracting!! But I guess my comp new she was a psycho and that she was no bueno! But I was to excited to share my testimony. Turns out she doesn't believe in Jesus, she thinks there are 13 planets that all have Aliens and the 13th Alien got killed by Zeus and God is just a spirit or something.  And then she took us to her clock and showed us how the time all adds up to six and right there my comp was giving me the look like "we need to get OUT of here."  But me being my stoked-self was still pumped about trying to teach her.  She she sat us back down and kept talking to us. (She was also smoking like paint chips I am pretty sure, weird).  But she kept talking about how she believed in re-incarnation and how she has a daughter or something that is from different parents and how Jesus came to her in the hospital and told her to start this new church and a lot of other whacked out crap that I won't talk about. But after I bore my testimony to her about our church and Christ I felt a really bad feeling like the Spirit was totally gone!  So I was looking at Elder Anderson like, "Yeah, we really need to get outta here!!"  So we quickly got out and were happy to away from her!  My companion thinks she was possessed or something.  But I just think she needs to stop smoking paint!! Ha-ha So hurray!! I met my first crazy lady!! 

Besides that it has been pretty much the same this week!  Oh! we taught the Young Women on Sunday and they loved us so much that we got invited to help out at mutual!  We got to make T-Shirts last night that say "(CM)2" for "Clean Mouth x Clean Mind".  Mine was pretty much the best since I did it free hand and since I am a guy.  Haha, so that was pretty fun. 

We had a Zone Activity today with Basketball, Volleyball, Board Games, and Food!!  I am becoming really good at Basketball!! Blessings!!!! So that was really fun and tonight we are getting fed!! Woohoo! I bore my testimony on fast Sunday and the ward seems like they are more interested in talking with us and meeting with us so hopefully we can get them pumped!! Thanks for the ideas on ward activities!  I will run them by Elder Anderson and try to get something going!  

Well, thank you again so much for all of the packages and letters and for the things you have sent already that I will be getting!  It takes about 3-4 days to send you something and a week or more to get letters and packages from everyone else!  Especially packages.  So that's the deal with the mailing situation.  They had all our addresses messed up at first and now they are finally fixed!  So that's good!  

A note about the weather... it is a pretty nice storm.  But people are freaking out like it is the end of the world! Ha-ha! An old lady came up to us at the grocery store and was like, "You better stock up... a storm is a-comin'!" It was hilarious. So we are all safe and fine here.  Just a little snow, not enough to stop the work. Speaking of the work. I encourage all to re-read my missionary scripture: Hel. 5:12- When you read and really think about it, it really is comforting and helpful!  

Also, my companion is the best!  We have a blast while we work!! We got a bunch of B-day stuff since his birthday is the 19th of March and we found some party stuff at the dollar store! It's High School Musical stuff but its good enough for us!  Ha-ha so its going great being trained. We just are trying to get more teaching appointments and then we will be happy campers.  

... Question- Is Brian's hair like Thor's yet?  I hope so.  Ha-ha!

Well I better sign out!  We have to get going!! Love you and hope you all are doing great!!

Love your boy, 

(Elder Farley)
P.S. Here is a picture of my comp.breaking into our apartment after our door lock broke!!

LOVE YOU ALL and I am so thankful to you all for being super supportive and loving :)

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