Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First Flat Tire!!

Hello Family and Friends,

First of mom, those CTR brass knuckles are a must next transfer!  Hopefully I get sent to Anacostia, which is the SUPER ghetto area!  And it is good to hear Elder Johnson and Peterson are alive and well.  I hope they are on bike like me.  I got my first flat tire on Friday!  So we walked forever on this highway just singing church songs until the other Elders from our ward came and picked us up.  

This week has been crazy!  It went by so fast but at the same time there is too much that has happened to write about.  And I have an appointment in 15 minutes!!! Ahhh! Well anyway, Maurice hasn't been returning out calls so that is a bummer!  But we got to teach this lady, Michelle who Elder Anderson and Elder Hart taught the first two lessons to.  She has committed to be baptized on April 6th and I am so excited!  I also extended the invitation to her so that was a great experience! 

This week we were watching our Preach My Gospel videos and we had an idea to get our ward members more active and excited about missionary work.  We have written a letter that asks them to invite the missionaries in their homes and let us teach their families lessons from PMG.  We then will be able to meet all the members, get to know them better, and hopefully get more referrals!  So we are excited about that!  And our Black MAMA, Sister Saunders, told us we needed more ward activities because the ward was boring.  So we are taking her advice and planning a big ward dinner night... not really sure about all details yet but I will keep you updated.  Oh and Sister Saunders is an old woman almost in her 80s who kinda adopts us and has us call her our Black Mama.  She is so sweet and she gave us tons of food!  She has pictures of all her "babies" (missionaries) who she has been taught by or been in the ward with her!  She is so kind and I can't wait to meet with her more! :)

Well that's about all the time I have!! I love you all and will talk to you soon!


-Sean......Elder Farley
I wonder if this is what Elder Farley means by "This week has been crazy!"

These must be the other "Elders" from the Ward. Looks like a good time!!

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