Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1st Week in Washington, D.C

Hey Family,

Today has been really nice but crazy too!  We woke up at 6 and I got some of the Elders to get a workout in down in the basement of the Mission home.  We got up and ate some breakfast egg, potato, and meat combo.  Sister Matsumori made it! She is a really great cook! But I do miss your cooking a lot more.  Anyway,  after we all got out of the mission home we went to the stake center (where I am writing from now) and met our trainers!  My comp is Elder Anderson!  He has been out for around 13 months and he is from Wyoming. He seems to be a pretty nice guy and he even put my bike together, since I wouldn't have had any luck in doing so!  Oh and his B-day is March 19th! Pretty cool huh? So its going to be a back-to-back party here starting St. Patty's Day! Ha-ha...We are pretty much all unpacked!  Thanks for everything you sent!! I have opened it all and I even made my bed (pat on the back for me!).  

When we got to the stake center we all met our comps then went into the chapel and saw the transfers happen where everyone meets their new companions!  It was pretty cool!  An Elder who is leaving today, and who was the old AP, said goodbye and his whole family was there to pick him up!  It was pretty cool.  I talked to him yesterday and I guess he met Shelby Hadley at EFY a long time ago and he went to San Clemente a lot back before the mission!  His name is Elder Bigelow and he is a very nice guy!  We had a good conversation about T-Street, the Pier, and good ol' Pedro's Tacos!  Ha-ha small world! 

Last night was a lot of introductions and learning about our mission which, by the way, is the best mission in the world... just so everyone is clear!  Ha-ha I love the area.  There are ZERO landmarks though... so it will take a while to adjust!  I will send some pictures soon!

The rest of last night was filled with interviews and even a testimony meeting!  It was really nice!  President Matsumori had us close our eyes as he recited the First Vision to us! The spirit was SO strong! It was really nice!  He told us that he knew we had been waiting thousands of years for this moment here on earth to serve as missionaries.  Somehow I know that's very true!!  Everyone here is so nice and I love this area. 

My area is Derwood South, which as of today (I think) is a new area since the Derwood area got split to a North and South now!  Gaithersburg, Maryland is the actual city that the area is in.  Our apartment is nice, I think! The Spanish Elders had it last and left it messy but we plan on cleaning it tonight! We've heard since the split of the area we lost some investigators so we are going tracting tonight!  I am nervous but I think it will be alright! 

This transfer is only 5 weeks, so as a trainer and greenie we have 2 transfer periods together!  About 11 weeks total.  Elder Anderson and Elder Farley taking over DC/Maryland!  I am excited to learn from a seasoned Elder!  He seems like he knows a lot so I guess we will see how it goes.  Also, our apartment used to have a two pairs of companions in it but now its just us!  So it is very roomy but Elder Anderson says that it is usually more fun with another pair of comps because there are more people to hangout with and talk to. But maybe its for the better so I will be able to focus more these training weeks!  

After we got most of our things unpacked we went to Cafe Rio, is rough out here... with some other Elders who picked us up!  We ate there and then drove to the stake center to write our e-mails and then we are going to go shopping so I will have some food!  Yay!  Besides that, that's pretty much it!  Can't wait to go out and work and help my Heavenly Father find all those brothers and sisters who haven't heard this great message yet!  

Thanks for keeping me updated on everything!!  I heard a Katy Perry song in Cafe Rio and was thinking, "MUSIC! I like this!" ha-ha but it's pretty nice to be away from so many worldly things :) I am excited!  

I love you all!  I will write down any crazy things that happen in my journal so I don't forget to let you know about them next Wednesday!  


Elder Farley

p.s. Thanks again for all your letters, packages and cards!  I am so thankful I have such a supportive and loving family!! Talk to you all soon!!! 

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