Monday, February 4, 2013

One Week to go!

MTC Week 2

(Elder Farley & Elder Johnson)

Hello Mother, Father, Sisters and Brothers!
I miss you all! Today I am trying to write EVERYONE who has written me since I found out I can only write and e-mail on P-Day.  What a rip off ha-ha... but I guess it is good! That way I don't miss you all so much throughout the week!  I am kept super busy here everyday and I am doing all I can to study an learn the doctrine that will bring the investigators I meet to Christ! I am so excited to meet REAL people and not actors... even though the actors are pretty good! 
This week has been so much more fun than last week! It has gone by fast and I have been loving every minute of it! I read a e-mail from Tyler Cahoon and he said he LOVED the MTC because of the endless amounts of food! Ha-ha! I was laughing so hard! I am trying to stay away from eating too much so I don't get fat! But he seems to be doing well except for getting bitten by dogs 3 times! He said he wanted to punt all the dogs around town because non of them are on leashes! He is so funny!
Oh! Tell Grandma I said Happy Birthday(sorry I am late)! And I also am glad to hear Uncle Vaughn made it to town safely!  It is a bummer he wasn't living with us when I was at home! He makes me laugh non-stop just like GP!  Oh and some of my friends want pictures of me so maybe could you send some pictures of me.  Also I have to sneak one into Elder LaVecchia's bag so he will have a smile on his face once he gets to Las Vegas! Thanks a bunch!
Oh and I received my travel plans so I will get copies of them today and send them to you today so you can know everything that is going on! We leave Monday night from SLC at 11:33PM and arrive in WDC at 8:50AM!  We fly to NYC and then go to DC from there. And for the card reader and phone card... I will get them today as well :)  I am SOOOOO glad you got those pictures too!!! I was super worried! I will send more from this week too! We took some good ones!
Elder Johnson is going to WDC along with Elder Peterson.  Elder LaVecchia is going to Las Vegas, Nevada. Same as Landon I think!! So cool!

(Sean's Roommates)

Thank you so much for all the packages and letters! It is awesome to be raining champ of letters in the District! It makes me laugh when people say they wished their moms were like you! ;) Because my momma is the best! Also could you maybe send a long sleeve t-shirt to WDC because I need a extra tee to wear!

(Sean's District)

And thank you for all of the stories you tell me about throughout the week! It is fun to hear so much about your week and everything that is happening in the ward and in F-Town! It is crazy how long I feel like I have been away from there!  But I have been feeling the Spirit so strong here and am SO EXCITED to go out and serve all the people of WDC!! This work is amazing and I know God will shape me into a great missionary if I have faith and rely on Him!
Tell everyone I love them and say hi! If I missed anything in this e-mail I will write it to you in a letter!

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