Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love Knocking Doors!!

Hello Mi Familia, 

First I will answer all of your questions really quick:
-I am on a bike
-I am assigned to the Derwood South Area in the Derwood ward.
-My companion and I one of the two companionships in the ward.  The others are Elder Morris and Elder Hart (Derwood North Area)
-Our dinner calender used to be super full but since Derwood got split into N/S we have like half.
-Our District Leader is Elder Long.  But yes, he is super nice and funny!  Our ZLs are very cool too!  They all are helpful and really great missionaries as far as I know!
-Tracting is the best!  We go out A LOT since we are white-washing (starting a new area) and we have to get a lot of new investigators!  But we have a lot of potentials so that is good!  My fear of tracting is gone.  I love knocking doors. Some people are nice, some won't answer, and some do not want anything to do with "MORMONS"!  Ha-ha
-We are in an apt. building in the Pear Tree apartments. 
-We have McDonalds, Subway, Wendy's,Cafe Rio, Five Guys close by.
-We have a washer and dryer in our apt. it is SO NICE to have it there!
-And my companion and I get along great!!  He is super funny!! He is really scripture smart and a great teacher so I am learning a lot from him!  
-I go to the church to e-mail you in the clerks office!
-And I need a hydration pack

So I hope that answers all of your questions!!  I am doing great out here!  There are so many people from different countries and races.  There are a lot of black people here! They are my favorite because almost none of the white people listen to us!  Stupid white people... ha-ha.  

My first night here we met this black guy named Maurice who answered the door shirtless with two little kids hanging onto him.  He was so cool!  We told him we had a message about Jesus Christ and he was like, "Aw yeah! Come on in!"  I was so stoked!  It was late so we shared a short message and got his info to contact him later.  We have had a few more experiences like that tracting as well but most of the people don't answer when we come back or return our calls!  It makes me angry!  THIS IS YOUR SALVATION!  Ha-ha... maybe they will listen one day.

President M. says that there is this thing called the rule of 7's.  Which means on average it takes about 7 times for a person to come in contact with the church before they want to listen to the message.  So we are just one of those 7 most the time.  Which is fine with me because I know I am helping someone else :)

I love missionary work!  Waking up at 6:30 and bed at 10:30 is perfect for me!  Oh and we have a weight set in the apt. so I love waking up because it means I get to workout!! I love it!  And I love helping people out even if they are not ready to hear our message!  We moved two houses already and one wasn't even a member!  

We do a lot of GQing, which means Golden Question.  So basically it is just talking to people by asking them thoughtful and meaningful questions to start a conversation with them, whether it be on the street, at a house, our in a store.  It is really nice to meet so many people that are from so many different places!  I am taking my companions challenge at getting pictures of license plates from all 50 states!! He has a Hawaii and Alaska one so I am hopeful! 

Oh and if you send anything please no more candy!! I am trying to look like Tom Hardy, not Buddha. :) thanks!

Anyway, thanks for all the prayers, letters and e-mails!  It is so good to hear that everyone is doing so well!! I miss you all and cannot wait to hear from you next week!! 

Love you all!!!

-Elder Farley

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