Saturday, August 31, 2013

One Week until Transfers!

Hey Momma!
Wow. So I talked to Elder Lahnam about his long emails and told him he better knock it off because he is making me look bad ;) haha just kidding!  But seriously I feel like I am writing for days!  Also, I apologize to everyone who has written me.  This month has been madness and the dentists seems to pick Wednesdays to fix me teeth... so Preparation day has been more like Surgery day.  But I will get to em in a couple weeks after transfers!  Sorry :D
This last week has been pretty good!  No baptism but we know Steven is on the right path.  He is so great!  I love teaching people about the Gospel.  Its the best job in the world.  I just cannot imagine how people live their lives without the blessings that the Gospel of our Savior brings.  EVERYONE needs it.  I wake up and am just so anxious to meet one of my brothers or sisters who have been searching and are ready. I also wake up stoked to workout and look like the hulk ;) but that's not as important.  Anyway, I just know they are out here ready to accept the gospel.... just got to find em'.  
I really can't believe I have been in Glenn Dale for four months.  I really want to stay but at the same time I really want to go into the city!  Anacostia baby!!! haha but my "lack-of-teeth" situation might keep me here or closer to Gaithserburg, MD.  We will see.  Oh and don't worry I have my bike all up to date and ready for the streets of the District of Columbia.  Speaking of the District... Obama thinks he is MLK and is giving a speech there for the 50th anniversary of King Jr.'s speech   He is a chuck.  I wouldn't go into that place today even if they had just opened an In-N-Out!  It's going to be crazy there.  (Hopefully Big Brother isn't reading my email!) ........ 'MERICA!!!
Crazy story: I met an new missionary here named Elder Wright!  He went to San Juan Hills his junior year!!  What the... so sweet!  We missed eachother by two years!  He knows like everyone I know there too.  So legit!  Ha-ha  He also ate 4 scotch bonnets at Emma Mayes'(Pepper Lady) house.  Madness... he now holds the record- as far as we know.
I got your package and letter I just haven't opened it yet!  The temple was today and took a good chunk of the day.  But I am not complaining at ALL!  The temple was SO good.  It is just about the best part of each transfer! Have you all been to ABQ recently?  You have to go.  It just gives you the best Spiritual boost in the world.  OH!  Also, I am so excited for that family by the Perry Max Webbs!  That is so great!  Everyone keep up the member work!  That is were it is at.  Seriously though... Converts that are brought to the church by members have a friend to lean on when trials and challenges come and they are able to be more fully converted to the gospel, while learning much quicker.  :)  

Elder Broadhead and I are doing great still!  We enjoy our time together and if we get transfered from each other we will be sad.  But he has taught me so much and I am excited to continue to learn and grow out here.  Thank you so much for everything you all do!  I am SO very blessed to be a missionary for our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has provided me with a loving family that I know I will be with for all eternity.  I know this church is Christ's church and had been Restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  And I know I have a loving Father in Heaven and a perfect Brother and Savior who has made an eternal sacrifice for each and everyone of us.  
Thank you all for helping me along the way. So many people have been examples in my life and gotten me to where I am today.  You all know who you are ;D    I miss and love you, but know God is watching over you. 
Love your missionary,
Elder Sean Bachman Farley

Sunday, August 25, 2013

All is Well!

Hey Mom and everyone!
Wow... So if anyone has the desire to get kicked by a horse that is on steroids... I do not recommend it.  That's how my teeth feel at least now that they got ripped out of my face haha.  Seriously.  Those suckers are huge.  I got to keep them so I will take a picture of them and send it to you.  As for my flipper/partial... Its... different.  But at least I don't have to try to get a wife on a mission, only preach the gospel. Ha-ha.  I didn't bring my SD converter today so I will try to wifi a picture over this week.  But don't worry to much.  I don't mind the look toooo much.  And the pain(with the assistance of PAIN KILLERS) has subsided a lot.  President and Sister Cooke are helping out a lot too.  Along with my companion and the King family.  They are great! 
As for the work: Everything is going great.  Still working hard as ever here in the singles ward and hopefully will get to see a baptism this week here.  There hasn't been one for years.  Many years.  So that should be exciting.  Keep praying for Steven.  He is really trying to recognize the Spirit and make sure he is doing what God wants him to do.  I love that guy.  He is a boss :)  He even talked to us and said he prayed that my teeth would get better! What a champion!  Besides that we have another investigator, Adrianne, who is praying about getting baptized at the end of September.  Pray for her as well. 
I love being a missionary.  It doesn't matter how much stuff Satan tries top throw in our paths, we just keep moving along and teaching those ready to learn.  I know as we pray for missionary experiences and stay close to the Lord we are given the opportunities to help our brothers and sister come to accept the message of the Restoration and come to know for themselves the truthfulness of this wonderful message. 
I love you all and know God is watching over you each day!  Stay Happy, Safe and Healthy!
Love your missionary,
Elder Farley
P.S.  My news shoes are boss!!  Sorry about no pics this week :/ I will try to wifi some.Oh!  Is the priesthood lineage done yet?  I am really excited to see it.  Anyway, all is well with me.  No pain, no gain -right?  Ha-ha love you!!!! :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Zone Activity Gone Wrong!

Hello Mom!
Dang it was awesome talking to you today!  Even though it isn't Christmas yet!  Ha-ha I still cannot believe I don't have my two front teeth!  But I guess I know what to ask Santa for Christmas now ;) Anyway, things in Maryland are going great!  We have not been able to teach as many people as we wished this week but we have been really working hard with the members to get them excited to do member missionary work!  We are even starting a class at the institute for RMs, Future Missionaries, and anyone else who is interested to become a better missionary on Thursday nights.  It is going to be sweet! 
So everything at home sounds great!  I am so excited for football season!  I think you sending pictures of the game on SD card would be an AWESOME idea!  Oh, and I got the packages!  Thanks!  They were amazing-plus the pictures and videos were sweet too!  I love the kitchen!  Its awesome.
So I am trying to think of a great story but I feel like you already know so much of what has happened(besides everyone else reading this who is like "WHY DONT YOU HAVE TEETH SEAN?!")  But Long story short.  We had a Zone Activity with all the missionaries.... one thing led to another... Elder Farley gets his teeth smashed into a 5 gallon bucket and BAM!!! Crazy day!  I got the accident on video so you can all see it.  I didn't plan on anything bad to happen. Goodbye Hollister modeling dreams Haha.  But on the bright side all the new sister missionaries think I am a hockey player now!  Guess who married a hockey player?  Carrie Underwood.  Bam.  I like my new look ;) Haha just kiddingggg.
Well I love you all.  I hope everyone is safe and still smiling for me :D  Keep up the missionary work there and always remember that those who are on the Lord's side always win in the end.  Keep fighting the good fight and help our fellow brothers and sisters here on earth closer to our Savior!
Love you and miss you!
Elder Farley

UPDATE: Sean is being well taken care of by a dentist in Gaithersburg, MD. He will have to have his 2 front teeth extracted next Wednesday because of the severity of the damage done to both teeth. He will have a partial replacing teeth 8 & 9 until he comes home in 2015, then his dad will place implants and restore with crowns. So for 17 months he will have one wicked gap...if he wants! ;-)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Elder Farley

Hello Momma!
Wow!  This week went by insanely fast!  And I have like ZERO time to email!  But I will do my best to fill you all in!  So we went to DC today for P-day and went to the Old Post Office.  It's the only building bigger than the Washington Monument because it was built forever ago when they hadn't made the building restrictions.  Pretty cool.  We went to the top and took pictures.  I was a really beautiful view.  Except there are so many stinking trees around here.  It's pretty rediculous.  And no mountains... just hills.  The east-coast needs to figure it out.  Oh and there were tons of LDS people talking to us on the Mall!  Oh, and we also went to H&M and they have the most legit slim suits in the world!  Elder Porter(who is almost exactly like Mitchell Woods!) dropped about $80 on this slim black suit!  Haha he was like, "who needs food for the month when I am looking so GOOD!  I can survive of ramen noodles until September." Ha-ha I love the missionaries out here.  They have become great friends.
So this week we have finally finished our new area map and gotten all our area organized for the most part so now we are finally getting out to see more people and work with our investigators!  We have an investigator named Steven who is really searching for the truth.  He is just really big on "seeing both sides".  So he of course ran into some anti- stuff.  But we cleared it all up because we have the SPIRIT with us :)  and he is on date for the 25th of August.  So keep him in your prayers!  He is still trying to get his answer/witness that the Book of Mormon is true!
As for all the technology buzz I haven't heard anything.  Hopefully soon!  It would be so money for a singles ward!  And everyone looks for professional with an iPad! Ha-ha ;) Well I cannot think of anything else to update you all with besides that my companion is legit and we are having a blast at working hard together!  This mission is the greatest!  I hope you are all able to have your own missionary experiences at home!  Keep praying for them and strive for charity!  When you become more charitable you are more willing to do as the Savior would do. 
I love you all!  Stay safe, healthy and happy! 
Elder Farley