Saturday, August 10, 2013

Elder Farley

Hello Momma!
Wow!  This week went by insanely fast!  And I have like ZERO time to email!  But I will do my best to fill you all in!  So we went to DC today for P-day and went to the Old Post Office.  It's the only building bigger than the Washington Monument because it was built forever ago when they hadn't made the building restrictions.  Pretty cool.  We went to the top and took pictures.  I was a really beautiful view.  Except there are so many stinking trees around here.  It's pretty rediculous.  And no mountains... just hills.  The east-coast needs to figure it out.  Oh and there were tons of LDS people talking to us on the Mall!  Oh, and we also went to H&M and they have the most legit slim suits in the world!  Elder Porter(who is almost exactly like Mitchell Woods!) dropped about $80 on this slim black suit!  Haha he was like, "who needs food for the month when I am looking so GOOD!  I can survive of ramen noodles until September." Ha-ha I love the missionaries out here.  They have become great friends.
So this week we have finally finished our new area map and gotten all our area organized for the most part so now we are finally getting out to see more people and work with our investigators!  We have an investigator named Steven who is really searching for the truth.  He is just really big on "seeing both sides".  So he of course ran into some anti- stuff.  But we cleared it all up because we have the SPIRIT with us :)  and he is on date for the 25th of August.  So keep him in your prayers!  He is still trying to get his answer/witness that the Book of Mormon is true!
As for all the technology buzz I haven't heard anything.  Hopefully soon!  It would be so money for a singles ward!  And everyone looks for professional with an iPad! Ha-ha ;) Well I cannot think of anything else to update you all with besides that my companion is legit and we are having a blast at working hard together!  This mission is the greatest!  I hope you are all able to have your own missionary experiences at home!  Keep praying for them and strive for charity!  When you become more charitable you are more willing to do as the Savior would do. 
I love you all!  Stay safe, healthy and happy! 
Elder Farley

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