Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Doing the Lord's Work!

Hey Momma!

Wow!  Lots of info from home, I love it!  I can't believe Elder Cahoon is going ZONE LEADER!!  I feel like it was only yesterday when we were all out "tapping"  in Farmington.  That kid is a boss.  I love reading all the letters from all my friends that are on missions.  They are doing so great out in the field.  Makes me proud to see them all giving Alma and Amulek a run for their money. ;)  Also, you (as a family) are the best!  I am so glad your are keeping up on scriptures, prayers, FHE and all that good stuff!  Don't stop!  The harder you work to get closer to God the more you will see His blessing poured out upon you.  I know Heavenly Father is so happy when we do what He says and when we do He asks of us He blesses us a TON!  Keep praying for missionary opportunities.  They will come and will bless the lives of others more than you can imagine.  And never get discouraged.  Sometimes things take longer than we want them to.  But when we are patient and ever-faithful then God lets us see the miracles.

Things here on the east coast are going great!  Elder Cory Broadhead, my new companion, is a champ!  He is from the Riverton, Utah area and he loves Lake Powell.  And when I say love Lake Powell I mean LOVES LAKE POWELL!!!  So we already have a plan to go out the summer of 15'.  So we will be switching off since he skis and I wake-board. He has been out for almost a year!  I am his first junior companion and he has taught me a ton already!  We are going through our area and organizing it so much!  We are getting the ward really stoked for missionary work and always ask them, "how can we help you in your missionary work."  BAM!  Hit em' with a curve ball.  It gets them thinking and they have really been showing more interest in reaching out to their friends!  Yay!  Missionary work!  I have never been so excited in my life.  Doing the Lord's work is the best because He gives you a boost whenever you cannot do anymore work.  It's like you hit Empty on your human gas tank and then.... NOS BOOST!!!  I love it ;)

Let everyone back home know I love them and that I say hi!  Keep up the work back in NM!  (I just saw how big our mission is compared to Farmington's.  That place dwarfs ours!)  Anyway!  Love you guys.  Stay healthy, safe and happy! 


Note from mom: No new pictures I'll throw in one from the SD card I received in the mail!

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