Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breelaun is Baptized!!

Hallo Mutti!

Was ist los?  Things are getting pretty hot here in DC/Maryland.  Today we are emailing at the Library of Congress again.  It’s the best because it’s the most relaxing of emailing days.  We were up early to go to do a workout at Breelaun's gym.  I don't know how much Elder Kuddes likes to get up early and go do crazy circuit training workouts, but I LOVE IT!  So drag him along anyway.  It’s also an awesome excuse to go see Breelaun.  Oh and by the way... BREELAUN GOT BAPTIZED!  He had to get an interview with President and all since he went to the other ward but he is solid!  He wanted me to baptize him to! :)  Best day ever.  We did it in Anacostia (South-East DC) which is like the DC equivalent of south-central Los Angeles.  Ha-ha.  The building there is awesome though.  The font is on the second floor behind the curtains behind the pew in the chapel.  So everyone looks up and watches the baptism like that.  It's sweet.  It was such an amazing experience.  I am so happy for him.

 Besides that we had a 48 hour car fast since about 10 missionaries have gotten into car crashes this month.  If it were me, I would just be like, "That’s it!!  Bikes for the rest of the summer!"  Missionaries... they need to learn how to drive.  We may have the greatest missionaries out here teaching and obedience wise, but they must have taken driving lessons from an old Asian woman or something.  Anyway, Elder Kuddes and I have a HUGE area so we got permission to use our car.  But on Tuesday we went out for an hour near UM campus and we were talking to people like CRAZY!  College students are weird though.  They are so worried about themselves and think there is no time for God in their life.  Really sad... Maybe I should take up soap-boxing.  Go Daniel Jones status on these people and bring them to repentance. 

The weird thing is that I am "killing" Elder Kuddes.  I’m pushing him hard to the end so that he doesn't get too "trunky".  He is doing great though.  I imagine everyone’s last week of their mission is pretty hard to totally focus on the work ha-ha.  I would just be dreaming of swimming all day! Especially since its infinity degrees out here with the humidity.  When it rains it feels amazing.  Then the clouds will start to part or move away and I am like, "Oh NO!!! Not the sun!!"  Then the heat increases and you are pretty much walking in a sauna.  Ha-ha.  But everyone else is nasty and sweaty too so it’s all good.  Plus, I am getting a pretty gnarly missionary tan -_-  yay! 

This next transfer is bringing in 13 new missionaries.  Elder Kuddes is with only two other missionaries who are exiting the mission.  Where are they going to put all these greenies?  I have no clue.  But it is EXCITING!  So next week’s email should have some good info hopefully.  We will see what Prez Cooke has up his inspired sleeves.

Oh, I also wanted to say that I thought Brian's German translations of the team’s defensive positions are great!  I had a good chuckle!  (But not too loud because I am in the Library's research center :/ )   It sounds like all is going well at home!  I hope F-Town gets some more rain!  Tell everyone I say hello and I love them!  Keep up the missionary work at home.  Everyone needs the gospel and you would be surprised at all those who are ready to receive it.  Pray for courage and opportunities to share this great message of the restoration and God's plan of Salvation.  This is the greatest work in the world.  And the Lord blesses those who accept His call.  I love you and pray for you always. 

Stay healthy, safe, and happy!

Love your boy,

Elder Sean Farley

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  1. Yay Sean and GOD!!! SO sad about the college students... but so true for people all over the world (including members) We must always make a special effort to make God our highest priority... when we do that, everything else will just fall where it needs to. xoxo sweet cuz! So proud of you!