Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Companion, Staying in Glen Dale SW

New Companion Elder Broadhead!!
Hey Mom and Dad!
So transfers...6months out... Feeling  pretty good!  I am staying in Glen Dale Singles Ward and my new companion is Elder Broadhead!  He is a really awesome guy! He has been out in the field for about a year.  He is a ginger and he loves Lake Powell!  What a  champ right?  I am so glad I get to be companions with a red head.  They for some reason  are always really funny.  Anyway, he seems like a really  obedient missionary.  But not much of one to workout.  Sorry Breelaun... looks like I won't be at the  gym too much :'( But now that I have all these supplements and stuff I am ready to get HARDY sized!  We will  see what happens though... we don't have much to  workout with in the apartment.  So its all hotel workouts. 
Sounds like all is well at home!  Good to hear Jonny is all skinny now and that Uncle Vaughn  is still there!  :) The group back at home seems awesome... I wish I could hangout with you all.  Eh... we will get a big party when Brian gets home.  But I  am  envious of the Lake  trip this summer!  Sounds like it was pretty fun/funny! Also, it sounds like Caiside had a fun b-day! That girl a so cute and hilarious.
Side note: (This computer I am using must have been used  by a little  kid who had maple syrup all over his hands  because the keys are all  stuck and sticking when I type... so  this is taking forever  and will be  short, sorry!)
Well... It is weird having a new companion and staying in the area.  I have to teach him about the area and everything.  I cannot believe I have only had three companions so far! Ha-ha. The good thing is, is that Elder B. Seems to be very excited about organizing the area and getting TO WORK! So we will totally be seeing some upcoming baptisms! Yay! So get ready :)
Anyway  not too much else has happened.  No Facebook yet... Dang  it.  
And no iPads or smartphones... but hopefully soon! ha-ha that would be awesome!  We had three people (investigators) at church on Sunday which is like a record here! So things are looking up. And the members are still pretty excited  it seems. Thank you  for all your prayers and support.  I am so blessed to have such a great family and so many wonderful friends. Oh, and good job with reaching out  to the non-member neighbors! The Elders are going to be so stoked to get a referral  from you!  Then they will start to teach at the house and be part of the ward! Yay!  Missionary  work is the best ever!
I love you all  and I am glad to hear you are doing so well!  Shout-out to Rachel and Caiside! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH AND I LOVE YOU!
Keep up the great missionary work everybody.  Forgive me for the H.S. Musical quote, but "we are all in this together!" Members ARE missionaries.  :)
Elder Farley

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