Monday, September 29, 2014

"I'm not sure what that is... Where are we?... Who are you?"

Our army reflective belts the mission has been asked to use by President Cooke to wear when we are out and about. Especially in dark places or at night.  I think they will be the new look in DC next year... Just you watch! Haha
Hey Momma!

I love the pictures you sent of you and Dad.  You look beautiful! And Dad looks like a stud, as always.

I guess you saw some of the posts and things on Facebook about the WDCN reunion and all the people who went.  Brother Weitzner and Brother JS Armstrong went to see all the RMs and also the Matsumoris of course.  It is super weird to think it has been over a year since I have seen them.

Things here in the mission are going great!  Today we have just been preparing for Zone Conference and getting all of our training's finished up and ready to be done in the four zones.  This week is always a great week with spiritual highs, but also a little long! Haha but the spiritual part is worth it!! :)

We also will be having interviews again and be slowly looking at transfers and getting a perspective of what will need to occur before that date!  Haha, it is a constant cycle of transfers, trainings, interviews, exchanges and meetings that never end!! Yesterday(Sunday) was full of meetings!! It's funny because it sort of reminds me how Dad would always have meetings after meetings! I know a little bit how you feel now Dad! It's pretty tiring, but it's all about the efforts in Hastening the Work so it is my favorite kind of tired.  Haha

I am trying to think of all the funny/crazy things that have happened but because of this one(I'm abut to tell) I can't remember at the moment! xD haha:  So Elder Malugin and I were working on our workshop and PowerPoint today and we're trying to get all the logistics for Zone Conference at the same time.  Elder Malugin was at the computer facing the wall and I was behind him on a chair working through the agenda. While we were doing this Elder Malugin wanted me to call some missionaries who would be either leading the music, playing the piano, or saying a prayer for the conferences.  As I went to look for my phone, a terrible pain formed at the crown of my head... The kind of feeling you would get from standing up quickly into the corner of a granite counter top! Elder Malugin had thrown the phone behind him, thinking that I was prepared to catch it.(which should not have been a surprise since we always do stuff like that!) I instantly had a bump on my head from the flying, lethal device, similar to the bumps that you would see in the cartoons! Haha at least that's what it seemed like!  All I could picture was the kid in Home Alone 2 throwing the bricks at the two bad dudes and nailing the one in the head! Haha after all... We do call our phones "bricks" anyway! As revenge all I have been doing is responding to him like as if it was a brick that struck my cranium! "I'm not sure what that is... Where are we?... Who are you?" So lesson learned... No more throwing phones.  We are going to stick to throwing iPads ;) haha! (Maybe not the funniest story, but it is the entertainment for us this Monday)

Well, now that we are all moved into our apartment, things don't seem so hectic.  Something I have realized on my mission is the importance of a clean and neat living/work space, because it is key in order to feel the Holy Spirit at home.  When things are dirty and unorganized it is a lot easier to feel stressed and unfocused!  So thanks for always teaching me to clean and be organized Mom! Even if I didn't always do it :D
"Nats hats" wall! Go Nats!!

Mom! That is so cool that you are going to mission prep and doing roll plays with the young men/women in the class!  We do roll plays all the time as missionaries because it really is the closest thing to really talking with someone!  I remember first doing then in the beginning of my mission (especially in the MTC) and I used to hate them; now I love them and really get excited when it is a challenge!  So maybe when I am back we can do it in FHE so I can stay in practice ;) haha Anyway, keep up the great work mom! Same to you Dad!  You both are such wonderful examples to me of how to be a more Christ-like person.  Thank you both so much for doing everything to make my life happy and for providing me with everything I would ever need to be where I am today.  I know without a doubt that you are the perfect parents for me and my siblings.  I love you so much and miss you too!  I promise to keep working hard out here, so keep up all the great work you are doing as well!  Love you!

Your son,

Elder Sean Farley

Ah! I really need to get better at taking pictures again! I will work harder to take them when we are out and about so you can see what we are up to!

P.S. My toe is healing well, I think. I go in next P-day to get it checked out and having the wrapping taken off... Too bad it is already coming off! Haha

Monday, September 22, 2014

New Transfer

Hey Momma!

Thanks for the email from both you and Dad!  I love hearing from you!  Sorry about the no email transfer week!  I kept trying to get it done, but just couldn't think straight with all the missionaries calling and the other problems that have come up!  But transfer week is done and Elder Malugin and I are just working out a couple final things like phones, iPads, imputing contact info into the church system and working out areas for the missionaries.

It sounds like things are busy back home, as always!  Too bad the Scorps lost.  They need Brian and I to go back ;) hah just kidding... I wish!  So this is what I am thinking: Brian and I are going to go play for Utah State together and take control!  It would be way tough but I bet we could do it.  When I get back I will have to get into shape fast!

Anyway, that's sort of of topic, so how are the missionary efforts?  Being on a mission now I feel like it will be interesting to be on the members side and have a calling in that way!  I am so glad that our family is all missionary minded.  I know that is what Heavenly Father wants for us to be, so that we can help bless the lives of others by helping them receive the gospel of Christ.

Ok, an update on what's going on: The group we had come in this last week was HUGE!!  We had  8 sisters come in and 5 elders!  6 of the sisters are full proselyting too! The other 2 are VC (visitors center) sisters.  There are also two other elders coming in who were on medical release but are back now (both from knee problems/surgery).  I am super thankful that my mission injury didn't send me back ;) haha.  I also had the opportunity to be a part of sending Elder Loveless home!  Crazy to think he is gone since we were always close on the mission.  But I guess that is how it goes... One wave comes in and the other has to go out.  With these last couple of transfers of new missionaries coming in, they cover probably around 1/3 of the mission!  The big groups are always fun!

This transfer we will have interviews(as always), lots of exchanges and Zone Conference!   Elder Malugin and I are working out the schedule with that.  We also have full-time VC trainers who are sort of like Sister APs to the visitors center.  They are starting to help us more now with all our work and they might even take over iPads! That will be helpful... Haha I'm glad you liked the new Excellence we sent out! Elder Malugin and I decided to change the whole format because that old one has been the same since... The beginning haha!

Oh! We are moving into a new apartment!  It's in the same complex and share a parking lot with our old building, it is just nicer because of renovation.  Our old one was destroyed.  So we are pretty happy now, besides having to move all the jone over to this place.  We got all the big stuff over but now just have to get all the small stuff; which I think is worse!

We got to go to Anacostia with President Cooke because he was speaking along with Sister Cooke.  It was fun to see some of the members from when I was there!  This last weekend we also had our leadership meetings.  The first was on Friday with all the ZLs and DLs along with the Sistet trainers.  That is called Leadership Training meeting and we have trainings done by President and Sister Cooke, usually one of the Zone Leader companionships and another by us. On Saturday we had a breakfast with the Zone Leaders and Sister trainers, which is our Round Table Council.  There we discuss any problems in the mission, ideas for improvement and review the goals and initiatives for the transfer.  It was a long but good meeting.  We have a lot going on in the mission with mass transit, family history, online proselyting, teaching 20 lessons, and many other things.  The leadership in the mission is really strong. It is great to be around so many excellent missionaries, especially since I know them all really well.

Things here are going great!  We are going to finish moving for p-day, maybe get some fresh hair cuts and then get to work! Haha it never ends and I love it!  Keep on reading Preach My Gospel and the Bool of Mormon!  Good job on finishing it again already mom! Your awesome! Love you so much!

One of your missionary boys,

Elder Sean Farley

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey Mom!

It's great to hear from you and Dad! I always love the weekly update from you both.  Sounds like things are going good, besides GM and GP being sick.  Tell them I love then a lot and hope they get well soon! Can't wait for another Tripoly night ;) haha

That is SO awesome that the Stake was able to hear from Elder Holland!  He is a boss... Sounds like he had a great talk.  It's cool to talk to President about some of the apostles since he has met many (probably most) of them.  He doesn't think Elder Holland is as intense as the others, but I think he seems pretty serious haha!  And what!?!? Landon got to speak during it?! What a champ :) crazy to know he has completed his missionary service!

This last week was great because we got to go to the Temple have this week a little more open for finishing up all the last details for transfers!  President was able to get almost all the Visitor Center Sisters and all the Elders interviewed this week as well.  We only have one more day of interviews which should only last a couple hours and then we have a week and the newbies come in!! Craziness!!! What a fast transfer so far.  Elder Malugin is great to be around and to learn from!  He cracks me up, especially when he tries to convert me to the U of U and to Sigma Chi (his fraternity he is a part of).  We have a good time working together and with President.

Today we went with one of the Senior Sisters and with the Kentlands Elders (Loveless & Johnson) to get Pedicures!!! Haha everyone was super sketched about going, but I convinced them that it was going to be great! No more destroyed toes! :) everyone is converted to it now.  So that was really nice of Sister Connell.  She even took us out to lunch too!  She is a great example of sharing the gospel with everyone.  Today she was following up with all the Vietnamese people that worked there and asking, "How much have you read in the Book of Mormon?" and "How are you liking the Book of Mormon?" with even a few "WHY are you NOT reading the Book of Mormon?!" Haha so she is a great example even to the missionaries.

Currently in the mission we are reading the Book of Mormon and plan on finishing at the end of the next transfer.  It is always very fun for me to have a challenge to finish the Book of Mormon is a certain time period.  Reading the Book of Mormon (and of course the Bible/Doctrine & Covenants) is such a blessing for me.  I feel like it is really the greatest way for me to keep my feet planted in the gospel.  When I study and pray with diligence and sincerity, The Spirit of God is much more prevalent in my daily life.  I know that it is the word of God because when I read it I want to change... I want to get better... I want to be more like my Savior. Throughout my short life I feel like I am very blessed for the things I already know.  No matter how much I might mess up or how many things I might fail and fall short of, I know that there is repentance and I, along with everyone, have a chance to be forgiven.  I have the truth and I must share it.  I hope that anyone who has the chance to read this, not matter where they are in their lives, know that they can become a better person!  The gospel of Jesus Christ is designed for not just one, or two, but for ALL.  I love that truth... It keeps me going everyday!

I hope everything is going great Momma!  I love and miss you :) tell everyone I say hi.  Keep sharing your amazing testimony with others and invite them to church!

Love your boy,


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Time with the Kazakhstan Missionaries

Hey Moms!

Thanks for the email! Sounds like it was a great week for the family!  That is super funny about meeting at the same ward building Brian is.  What a cool place to be on a mission! I am super excited for him :)

And you get to hear from Elder Holland?!? That is so awesome!! I loved having the opportunity to hear from Elder Ballard this year... It was so great to see how he was still down-to-earth, even though he is an Apostle of the Lord.  It always strengthens my testimony to see these amazing men who hold these sacred callings, be so willing to do all they can to serve each person they interact with.  They act so much like I imagine the Savior would be like.  Let me know how that goes!!

Here in the best mission in the history of life we are having a great time.  President Cooke, Elder Malugin and I have all been working hard to keep the ball rolling and we are seeing a lot of progress.   In each missionary's email to President they are explaining all the success they are having.  We don't see the letters, of course, but President let's us know how the mission is doing overall.  Being around the missionaries we usually get a better idea... And it seems that EVERYONE is seeing miracles and success from obedience and diligence in striving for 20 lessons each week :D

Oh! We also brought an elder in who came back to the states from his mission in Moscow, Russia to go get some passport work done in DC.  He is going to be one of the 10 elders who serve in Kazakhstan! We sent him off on Saturday night at the Washington Dulles International Airport... Which was where Elder Malugin and I flew into the mission- so that was a fun experience!

 We have 2 1/2 weeks left for the transfer(which is CRAZY!!) and this week we also have our departing missionary temple trip! It got bumped ahead a week because the temple is closed for about 4 weeks following this week.

Today was really fun since we spent it in the city with Brother Weitzner and the Cooke family.  We went to the Spy museum and then went to an Italian restaurant called Carmine's(which is SUPER good).  It was fun being able to catch up with Bro. W. and also to spend time with the Cooke family.

Not a TON to update on for you, sorry.  But I am having a great time out here and loving every second.  It is really a blessing for me to spend this time out here.  Time seems non-existent almost.  It goes so fast that I can't really understand it!  It's a blessing I will always be grateful for and it's even greater to know Brian is doing it too :)

Keep up the preach my gospel reading, and keep working hard with the missionaries!  The elect are out there... And we are going to FIND THEM! Love and miss you!


Elder Sean Farley