Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Time with the Kazakhstan Missionaries

Hey Moms!

Thanks for the email! Sounds like it was a great week for the family!  That is super funny about meeting at the same ward building Brian is.  What a cool place to be on a mission! I am super excited for him :)

And you get to hear from Elder Holland?!? That is so awesome!! I loved having the opportunity to hear from Elder Ballard this year... It was so great to see how he was still down-to-earth, even though he is an Apostle of the Lord.  It always strengthens my testimony to see these amazing men who hold these sacred callings, be so willing to do all they can to serve each person they interact with.  They act so much like I imagine the Savior would be like.  Let me know how that goes!!

Here in the best mission in the history of life we are having a great time.  President Cooke, Elder Malugin and I have all been working hard to keep the ball rolling and we are seeing a lot of progress.   In each missionary's email to President they are explaining all the success they are having.  We don't see the letters, of course, but President let's us know how the mission is doing overall.  Being around the missionaries we usually get a better idea... And it seems that EVERYONE is seeing miracles and success from obedience and diligence in striving for 20 lessons each week :D

Oh! We also brought an elder in who came back to the states from his mission in Moscow, Russia to go get some passport work done in DC.  He is going to be one of the 10 elders who serve in Kazakhstan! We sent him off on Saturday night at the Washington Dulles International Airport... Which was where Elder Malugin and I flew into the mission- so that was a fun experience!

 We have 2 1/2 weeks left for the transfer(which is CRAZY!!) and this week we also have our departing missionary temple trip! It got bumped ahead a week because the temple is closed for about 4 weeks following this week.

Today was really fun since we spent it in the city with Brother Weitzner and the Cooke family.  We went to the Spy museum and then went to an Italian restaurant called Carmine's(which is SUPER good).  It was fun being able to catch up with Bro. W. and also to spend time with the Cooke family.

Not a TON to update on for you, sorry.  But I am having a great time out here and loving every second.  It is really a blessing for me to spend this time out here.  Time seems non-existent almost.  It goes so fast that I can't really understand it!  It's a blessing I will always be grateful for and it's even greater to know Brian is doing it too :)

Keep up the preach my gospel reading, and keep working hard with the missionaries!  The elect are out there... And we are going to FIND THEM! Love and miss you!


Elder Sean Farley

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