Monday, August 25, 2014

High Speed Mission Life!

Seeing the language mission Elder's off! 
Hey Moms!

Thanks for the updates each week- it really is nice to be able to hear how the whole family is doing :)  I saw those pictures of Dad and the Bachman men at the Old Time photo place in Durango.  Looks like it could be an old western gang... the LB gang ha-ha.  It is also good to hear Brian is getting to Cali TOMORROW!  Talk about a fast six weeks!  I am super excited for him to get with a trainer and help TONS of people come closer to Christ!

This past week has been really interesting because President has had his whole family in town.  Howard was home for the week to spend his week off before going back to school at the U.  He ran a Sparta race in Virginia with his little brother, Joe.  With all the family in town we had time to catch up on some work with the iPads and other mission updating!  This upcoming week is packed with interviews and exchanges with President and other missionary companionships!  Our mission is so high-speed!  We have Facebook, iPads, online areabooks and planners, and we are also doing a Family History initiative!  Of course it's because we are the best mission in the history of life with the most obedient and diligent missionaries (not pride, just the truth ha-ha)!  Anyway, it should be a very productive and exciting week.

Elder Malugin and I have been having a great time together and are really enjoying the time we have to spend around President and assisting him in Hastening the Work of Salvation.  It is such a blessing to be able to work with the missionaries throughout the mission.  I learn so much from the elders and sisters who have dedicated this time in  their lives to serve the Lord in this duty to share His message.  Being around them helps me see that there really is nothing better that I could be doing at this point in my life than serving here in DC/Maryland.  Isn't the Gospel just the best?? Whenever I get distracted by the world it is always so great to take a step back and think about my family and the chance we have to be together forever.  Honestly, what is better than knowing that?!  It is really good to hear about how you and Dad are reading from PMG and of course being involved in the missionary work in the ward.  I hope and pray that the missionaries and members there will be able to mesh and work in unison- aiding the Lord in finding His lost sheep.  I KNOW that the work of God is hastening and that these latter-days are truly the last days preparing for the return of our Savior.  The key to keeping up with this work is to work together.  The missionaries and members must be one! Missionaries need to work hard and trust in the members and the members must trust the missionaries in their sacred calling (which they have been set apart to do) and to also aid them in teaching and testifying!  On my mission, the best lessons I have ever had, have been when we are teaching in the home of a member with them testifying of the things that we teach the investigators!! It's the best.  I hope you and the family (and everyone, really) keep looking for chances to teach and ask the missionaries to come teach friends, neighbors and family!  I know and can promise you that Heavenly Father will place people in your paths.  I see it everyday :) We realize very little concerning the involvement of the Lord in our lives...  He is working people in and out of our lives allowing us to affect them and them to affect us- all we have to do is be the best people we can be and "let (our) light shine!"

I love you mom!  Tell everyone I miss and love them- you are the best , thanks for everything :)

Love your son,

Elder Sean B Farley

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