Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two Weeks in One

Elder Malugin, Loveless & Farley
Dear Momma,

First off, thank you for being so patient with me in responding!  I feel really bad about last week and not sending a real email to you and the family.  We are always busy(which is of course GOOD) and so it just seems like we never have time for anything besides taking care of the mission.  However, I promise I will do better in prioritizing my mother first with my p-day time!

Lets see... where to start?  These last two weeks have felt like two days!  With transfers, a new assistant, getting our car towed and all the other miscellaneous things, it has just been flying by.  Elder Malugin and I are having an awesome time together.  He is super fun to be around and we have a lot of similar interest.  He, like many other missionaries, loves playing basketball and is very good!  Obviously that is one thing I am not good at, at all!  But he also loves to lift and so we get some good workouts when we have time to workout. :)  Too bad my elbow(or wrist/or shoulder) is still semi messed up so when I get home we will have to figure that out.

Anyway,  we have Zone Training Meetings this week and we are also going "air-mobile" with President Cooke!!  It is always great being around the Cooke Family and being able to work closely with them.  We are still working hard to support all the missionaries to teach 20 lessons a week, whether that be to an investigator, less-active member, or even and active member of the ward.  We have already seen so many miracles from the elders and sisters who have truly taken on this challenge and worked with all their hearts to succeed.  The members who are being taught are more excited to learn and to reach out to friends!  In fact,  Elizabeth Cooke(the youngest daughter of the Cooke family) built up the courage just a few days ago to ask her friend if she would be willing to learn from the missionaries!! What a boss, right?!  She was nervous, anxious and worried- just as we all are... but when she went forward with faith, knowing that Heavenly Father would support her, she was able to invite and succeed in doing so!! That is all we are asked to do... simply: invite.  I hope everyone who reads this can learn from the example of the youth of the church.  It is the duty of us ALL... no one is excluded because of race, age, or for any circumstance!  Everyone can invite one way or another :)

Mom, I love the gospel so much! I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and the great plan of happiness.  I am so happy that we can be together forever :)  The best TRUTH that I have heard, which I know.  I love you and miss you!  Thank you for all of your support, love and prayers.  I can feel them and I will continue to pray for you and of course for Brian!

Love your son,


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