Monday, August 18, 2014

Best Mission in the History of Life!

Hey mom!

Can you believe we are halfway through this month?! Time is flying! It was really cool to hear that you saw Landon now that he is back from his mission.  Tell him that I say hi :) but the thing that is really trippy to me is hearing that Caiside has finished her first week at Ladera!! That's what I am talking about! I was there 11 years ago!  Elementary alumi represent! Give her a big hug from uncle Sean.

Sounds like life at home is still exciting no matter what time of the year or who is home!  Oh, and thank you for the packy! We love our ties!  Funny thing about those Stance socks... Former AP/Elder Miyasaki is the brother to the guy who started that company!  Pretty cool, right?

This week the Cooke's oldest son, Howard, is back for a week!  He is a great guy and plans on playing some basketball with us this P-day and maybe some early morning lifting as well!  He will be running a Sparta race over in Virginia as well. This last weekend we also had a visit from the Miyasaki family so that was a great reunion for everyone.

This past week we had Zone Training Meetings and now this week we are a little more free to get everything scheduled for interviews, Specialized Training, iPad checks, and even transfers... It's a never ending process. Haha

Elder Malugin and I are working together great and we are loving the time we have to be with President and all the rest of the missionaries!  Since we are part of the "Best Mission in the History of Life," we also have the Best Missionaries in the History of Life.  With the leadership of the mission, and under the direction of President Cooke, this mission is always moving forward and striving to be the most diligent and obedient mission ever.  (Side note to the world:  we challenged the DC south mission to a football game, but the denied our invitation... But I guess I would too if I saw elders Tavana, Herring, Bodda and Thornton on one team! Haha!)

It's funny/scary to see how fast the weeks go by. Writing emails is spread apart but each week goes faster and faster.  I honestly love all of it... The good, the bad, the hard and the hardest times are all worth it.  I look around at the world and I see so much potential!  There is heartache and sadness all over as people strive to find happiness with the temporal things of this earth.  Satan is working extra hard and is distracting so many people with things that will not last.  Our challenge is to share the lasting happiness we have with others :) then their potential will become reality, allowing them to receive the same blessing we have.  I love talking about the truth!  I am grateful for the courage Heavenly Father has given me as I have just taken the step of faith to talk with others.  I know that if I can do it, then anyone can.

I hope you are still reading PMG along with your regular scripture study! Keep pushing yourself to learn everyday and share your testimony :) I feel like I repeat myself a lot, but I uses it's mainly because my feelings will never change about learning and sharing the Gospel.  I love you and miss you Mom... And I can't wait to be with you and all the family again.

Love you lots!

Your boy,

Elder Farley

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