Monday, July 28, 2014

A Wider Circle

Hey Mom, 

Thanks for the email! I always love hearing from you, Dad and the family.  I am so glad everyone is doing well and especially Brian!  It still is weird to me that he is doing what I am doing already!  Well... Kind of- he still has to get back to the states after the MTC experience. :)

Happy Birthday to Caiside!  Sounds and looks(on FB) like she had a great party.  She is such a cute (big) girl!  That is so great that you were able to see Danny, Jessica and the kids.  Tell them all hi for me!  I miss them! 

Today, for our p-day, we had a service project at "A Wider Circle."  It is a organization that a man named Mark started to help fight against poverty.  The organization brings in all sorts of home items like: beds, couches, lamps, desks, and even clothes!  Then anyone who would like to come in gets little stickers with their names on them and go around and pick out the things they would like to bring home.  Many of these people don't have anywhere in their homes to eat, relax or sleep besides the floor.  It felt so great to do service for others and to see how the benefited from the work we did.  Every missionary there seemed to enjoy the service and had a wonderful time!  It makes so much sense to me why the Savior taught us to serve; because when you are doing it you help others, and in return you feel happier! Worries you have before seem to go away and your love increases for those you serve.  There is no losing! Ha-ha

Now that interviews are over we are pretty happy!  Partly because we don't have to be in one spot for so long, but mainly because we are done with the big switch on each missionaries iPads to the churches new supervising software for the apple devices.  The downside is that there are TONS of problems!! So now everyone is giving their iPads to us and having us fix them... But we are waiting for Salt Lake to get back to us on the problems.  So a little stress, but nothing overwhelming.  The crazy part is that transfers is almost here!!  Honestly, it feels like I have only been with Loveless for MAYBE two weeks.  So I will really be treasuring the last two weeks I have with him, because time is flying!

Isn't it interesting to look at how fast life goes?!  It really makes me think of how much our focus should be on the important things in life.  A lot of the people in the world are looking for happiness they can get RIGHT NOW(aka temporary happiness).  However, they are always looking... Never finding the happiness in life that is lasting. When we reach that point where we do find that happiness that remains, we know we have found the truth peace and joy of God.  Heavenly Father wants us all to be happy forever... The only way that is possible is through His Plan of Salvation. God wants us to be with our families forever!  The gospel just makes SO much sense! We are here in this (very short) mortality to learn and grow, so we should do so by staying close to the Lord and our families.  I am so thankful for the family we have and for the blessing of having the gospel in our lives.  Now our job is to endure to the end and share this everlasting gospel with all of our brothers and sisters! 

I love and miss you!  Can't wait for all of our family to be together again, but until then- be safe, healthy, happy and share the good word!! <3 <3

Love your boy,

Sean/ Elder Farley

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