Monday, July 14, 2014

So Much to Say...NO TIME to Say It!!

E. Farley & E. Loveless
Hey Momma!

So many things to say... Not enough time to say it!  Mom... It's show time.  Brian is going on a mission!  You will have to Elder Farleys as your sons.  I am so stoked. He is going to be such an excellent missionary.  Good job on the decorations and cake for his Farewell!!  Looked like a great time!  It was so weird looking at those pictures that seemed identical to where I was almost 1&1/2 years ago.  Crazy how fast time flies.  (I feel like he is trying to convince me or something here)

Things here in the mission are going great!  President Cooke, Elder Loveless and I have been going around and stopping by missionaries apartments to see how they are doing... Almost like surprise visits.  Keepin' everyone on their toes! Ha-ha  President Cooke is super fired up for the work, as always, and E. Loveless and I are having a great time working along side with him.  He is truly an inspiring (and inspired) man who I love being around and learning from.  The Cooke family has been so great and they do SO much!   I am learning a lot of things from each individual in the family.
The AP's are on the loose!

We have Zone Conference this week and we just finished Zone Trainings last week... So life is BUSY!  We have been making PowerPoints, running errands and planning the Trainings for each meeting.  It is a lot of work and running around but I am loving it!  It is a different sort of missionary work... I guess a different perspective.  I am adjusting as best as I can and I know I can do better, so I am just going to keep on trying... Keep on doing my best.  Heavenly Father will help with the rest.

It is amazing to me how The Lord works.  He is in everything... He really is.  I see it so much as we are working hard to see success and help out the mission.  Heavenly Father guides us and helps us when needed, but for the most part he allows us to figure things out on our own.  We all have agency and God will not get in the way of that, because it is part of the plan.  It is really humbling to see that He works that way... And it is even more humbling to realize how little I still know and how much I still need to improve while I am out here.  This work is SO true... And I just want everyone to hear about it.  

I hope PMG and scripture study is still going well!  Keep it up!  Now you will have two Elder Farleys to get on you about that! ;) love and miss you so much!  Give Bri the BIGGEST HUG from me and a "good luck... May the Spirit be with you."  He is going to be a BEAST at missionary work!  Baptize all those Cali-Mexicans!! :D Adios, Amigo! Mucho Amor!

Love your son,

Elder Farley... The elder

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