Monday, September 22, 2014

New Transfer

Hey Momma!

Thanks for the email from both you and Dad!  I love hearing from you!  Sorry about the no email transfer week!  I kept trying to get it done, but just couldn't think straight with all the missionaries calling and the other problems that have come up!  But transfer week is done and Elder Malugin and I are just working out a couple final things like phones, iPads, imputing contact info into the church system and working out areas for the missionaries.

It sounds like things are busy back home, as always!  Too bad the Scorps lost.  They need Brian and I to go back ;) hah just kidding... I wish!  So this is what I am thinking: Brian and I are going to go play for Utah State together and take control!  It would be way tough but I bet we could do it.  When I get back I will have to get into shape fast!

Anyway, that's sort of of topic, so how are the missionary efforts?  Being on a mission now I feel like it will be interesting to be on the members side and have a calling in that way!  I am so glad that our family is all missionary minded.  I know that is what Heavenly Father wants for us to be, so that we can help bless the lives of others by helping them receive the gospel of Christ.

Ok, an update on what's going on: The group we had come in this last week was HUGE!!  We had  8 sisters come in and 5 elders!  6 of the sisters are full proselyting too! The other 2 are VC (visitors center) sisters.  There are also two other elders coming in who were on medical release but are back now (both from knee problems/surgery).  I am super thankful that my mission injury didn't send me back ;) haha.  I also had the opportunity to be a part of sending Elder Loveless home!  Crazy to think he is gone since we were always close on the mission.  But I guess that is how it goes... One wave comes in and the other has to go out.  With these last couple of transfers of new missionaries coming in, they cover probably around 1/3 of the mission!  The big groups are always fun!

This transfer we will have interviews(as always), lots of exchanges and Zone Conference!   Elder Malugin and I are working out the schedule with that.  We also have full-time VC trainers who are sort of like Sister APs to the visitors center.  They are starting to help us more now with all our work and they might even take over iPads! That will be helpful... Haha I'm glad you liked the new Excellence we sent out! Elder Malugin and I decided to change the whole format because that old one has been the same since... The beginning haha!

Oh! We are moving into a new apartment!  It's in the same complex and share a parking lot with our old building, it is just nicer because of renovation.  Our old one was destroyed.  So we are pretty happy now, besides having to move all the jone over to this place.  We got all the big stuff over but now just have to get all the small stuff; which I think is worse!

We got to go to Anacostia with President Cooke because he was speaking along with Sister Cooke.  It was fun to see some of the members from when I was there!  This last weekend we also had our leadership meetings.  The first was on Friday with all the ZLs and DLs along with the Sistet trainers.  That is called Leadership Training meeting and we have trainings done by President and Sister Cooke, usually one of the Zone Leader companionships and another by us. On Saturday we had a breakfast with the Zone Leaders and Sister trainers, which is our Round Table Council.  There we discuss any problems in the mission, ideas for improvement and review the goals and initiatives for the transfer.  It was a long but good meeting.  We have a lot going on in the mission with mass transit, family history, online proselyting, teaching 20 lessons, and many other things.  The leadership in the mission is really strong. It is great to be around so many excellent missionaries, especially since I know them all really well.

Things here are going great!  We are going to finish moving for p-day, maybe get some fresh hair cuts and then get to work! Haha it never ends and I love it!  Keep on reading Preach My Gospel and the Bool of Mormon!  Good job on finishing it again already mom! Your awesome! Love you so much!

One of your missionary boys,

Elder Sean Farley

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