Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey Mom!

It's great to hear from you and Dad! I always love the weekly update from you both.  Sounds like things are going good, besides GM and GP being sick.  Tell them I love then a lot and hope they get well soon! Can't wait for another Tripoly night ;) haha

That is SO awesome that the Stake was able to hear from Elder Holland!  He is a boss... Sounds like he had a great talk.  It's cool to talk to President about some of the apostles since he has met many (probably most) of them.  He doesn't think Elder Holland is as intense as the others, but I think he seems pretty serious haha!  And what!?!? Landon got to speak during it?! What a champ :) crazy to know he has completed his missionary service!

This last week was great because we got to go to the Temple have this week a little more open for finishing up all the last details for transfers!  President was able to get almost all the Visitor Center Sisters and all the Elders interviewed this week as well.  We only have one more day of interviews which should only last a couple hours and then we have a week and the newbies come in!! Craziness!!! What a fast transfer so far.  Elder Malugin is great to be around and to learn from!  He cracks me up, especially when he tries to convert me to the U of U and to Sigma Chi (his fraternity he is a part of).  We have a good time working together and with President.

Today we went with one of the Senior Sisters and with the Kentlands Elders (Loveless & Johnson) to get Pedicures!!! Haha everyone was super sketched about going, but I convinced them that it was going to be great! No more destroyed toes! :) everyone is converted to it now.  So that was really nice of Sister Connell.  She even took us out to lunch too!  She is a great example of sharing the gospel with everyone.  Today she was following up with all the Vietnamese people that worked there and asking, "How much have you read in the Book of Mormon?" and "How are you liking the Book of Mormon?" with even a few "WHY are you NOT reading the Book of Mormon?!" Haha so she is a great example even to the missionaries.

Currently in the mission we are reading the Book of Mormon and plan on finishing at the end of the next transfer.  It is always very fun for me to have a challenge to finish the Book of Mormon is a certain time period.  Reading the Book of Mormon (and of course the Bible/Doctrine & Covenants) is such a blessing for me.  I feel like it is really the greatest way for me to keep my feet planted in the gospel.  When I study and pray with diligence and sincerity, The Spirit of God is much more prevalent in my daily life.  I know that it is the word of God because when I read it I want to change... I want to get better... I want to be more like my Savior. Throughout my short life I feel like I am very blessed for the things I already know.  No matter how much I might mess up or how many things I might fail and fall short of, I know that there is repentance and I, along with everyone, have a chance to be forgiven.  I have the truth and I must share it.  I hope that anyone who has the chance to read this, not matter where they are in their lives, know that they can become a better person!  The gospel of Jesus Christ is designed for not just one, or two, but for ALL.  I love that truth... It keeps me going everyday!

I hope everything is going great Momma!  I love and miss you :) tell everyone I say hi.  Keep sharing your amazing testimony with others and invite them to church!

Love your boy,


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