Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Mission President

Wow, this was the fastest week of my life.  But I wrote so much in my journal this week that it feels like I have a month worth of entries.  So much has happened.  We met the new President, had interviews, 4th of July, and tons more.  So I really have no idea where to start.  
First off... I am happy to hear everyone is doing well!  Sounds like the 4th of July was the best since you all got to see the Parsons.  Not fair. I am so jealous!  And Brian has probably the coolest shorts ever! Ha-ha!  Tell the Parsons I say hi!  :) Happy Birthday SUMMER!!!  I am glad you got to see pictures of the missionaries down at the Mall.  I was down there too but the only lady I met there tried to freaking kidnap me!! Ha-ha not really... but pretty much.  So Elder Kuddes and I were wearing our P-day clothes.  Mine consist of basketball shorts and a tee shirt.  His were black slacks and a long sleeve black dress shirt from the 90s... and yes it was infinite degrees outside.  Anyway, this lady came up to me and said something but I didn't hear.  She walked a few feet and then stopped and looked back seeing that I didn't respond.  I looked at her awkwardly and she did the same back.  (Keep in mind I was looking for the other missionaries in our district so I wasn't really paying too much attention to other people.)  She then walked back to me with a very serious face and said with concern, "Are you confused?" as she grabbed my wrist.  I pulled away totally confused but just said, "Nooooooo....."  She was then super serious and said, "YES YOU ARE!  You need to come with me right now."  I was like, "Heck no get away lady."  (She was a white lady about 40 years old and I totally thought she was Mormon at first.)  She then asked me a bunch of questions like why are you wearing a Mormon name tag, why are you not in your outfits, where is your companion.  I answered all her questions pretty simply.  "Umm.... It's P-day I can wear what I want, and I AM Mormon and a missionary, and my companion is right HERE!"  I pointed to Elder Kuddes who was so sweaty and out in the twilight zone so she probably didn't even see him!  Then she just took off.  It was so weird.  I am still confused to this day ha-ha.  But all the Elders thought it was hilarious when we told them.  So that was the highlight of my Independence Day.  We also went to a lake near UM campus and watched fireworks.  It was awesome.  
Silver Springs South Zone
Meeting President Cooke and his family was awesome.  Then all greeted us and told us about themselves.  The one boy who is 15 was like, " well I will pretty much be serving a mission for 5 years, but I guess this is good preparation."  Right when his parents finish their mission here he will be starting his own. But they are all nice and awesome.  Interviews with him went really well too.  I like him.  He is so stoked about missionary work it is ridiculous! The Assistants and President are driving around all day meeting Bishops, Stake Presidents, Area Authorities and just everyone.  He is legit.  But as for now all the rules and the mission as a whole seems the same.  But we will see what the future brings.  
Oh... and good ol' Sister Emma Mayes fed us before interviews and Since Elder Parker (Elder Loveless's son) was new in the mission he had to eat a Scotch Bonnet Pepper.  I also kept putting this off every time we go over to her house and this day was the day I HAD to do it.  It is either that or we have to wear a dress.  Let me explain how hot these things are... Imagine Hell.  Now imagine Hell times 100!!! That's how hot they are.  They seriously put my body into a totally vibrating numbness.  I never in my life imagined a pepper, or anything for that matter, could be as hot as these things were. Elder Parker and I were DONE!!! I had someone video tape it on my camera and it’s like 10 minutes of pure madness.  So when I send my next SD card you can all laugh at me as much as you want.  
Anyway, that's about it.  The work is progressing and we got a couple new referrals who seem really solid!  So I will update on them as we are able to meet with them.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!  And always remember... I you are ever offered a Scotch Bonnet... say no.  Just say NO!  
Love,  Elder Sean Farley :)

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