Friday, August 16, 2013

Zone Activity Gone Wrong!

Hello Mom!
Dang it was awesome talking to you today!  Even though it isn't Christmas yet!  Ha-ha I still cannot believe I don't have my two front teeth!  But I guess I know what to ask Santa for Christmas now ;) Anyway, things in Maryland are going great!  We have not been able to teach as many people as we wished this week but we have been really working hard with the members to get them excited to do member missionary work!  We are even starting a class at the institute for RMs, Future Missionaries, and anyone else who is interested to become a better missionary on Thursday nights.  It is going to be sweet! 
So everything at home sounds great!  I am so excited for football season!  I think you sending pictures of the game on SD card would be an AWESOME idea!  Oh, and I got the packages!  Thanks!  They were amazing-plus the pictures and videos were sweet too!  I love the kitchen!  Its awesome.
So I am trying to think of a great story but I feel like you already know so much of what has happened(besides everyone else reading this who is like "WHY DONT YOU HAVE TEETH SEAN?!")  But Long story short.  We had a Zone Activity with all the missionaries.... one thing led to another... Elder Farley gets his teeth smashed into a 5 gallon bucket and BAM!!! Crazy day!  I got the accident on video so you can all see it.  I didn't plan on anything bad to happen. Goodbye Hollister modeling dreams Haha.  But on the bright side all the new sister missionaries think I am a hockey player now!  Guess who married a hockey player?  Carrie Underwood.  Bam.  I like my new look ;) Haha just kiddingggg.
Well I love you all.  I hope everyone is safe and still smiling for me :D  Keep up the missionary work there and always remember that those who are on the Lord's side always win in the end.  Keep fighting the good fight and help our fellow brothers and sisters here on earth closer to our Savior!
Love you and miss you!
Elder Farley

UPDATE: Sean is being well taken care of by a dentist in Gaithersburg, MD. He will have to have his 2 front teeth extracted next Wednesday because of the severity of the damage done to both teeth. He will have a partial replacing teeth 8 & 9 until he comes home in 2015, then his dad will place implants and restore with crowns. So for 17 months he will have one wicked gap...if he wants! ;-)


  1. Our son (Elder Jaden Johnson-Elder Farley's first mission companion), had a similar experience at age 12 while attending scout camp. He got his two front teeth knocked out while playing a game of stick ball. He really hit it off with Elder Farley in the MTC, and now they have even more in common! As parents, we know how you feel!

    1. I'm glad we've connected! I love to read Jaden's blog...along with Elder Peterson's blog! They help fill in the gaps on what is happening in the mission with these three MTC roomies! Thanks for sharing your story!