Monday, February 11, 2013

Last P-Day at the Provo MTC

MTC Week 3

Elder LaVecchia, Elder Farley, Elder Johnson, and Elder Peterson

Hello Momma and my Family,
I can't believe today is the day!  Only like.... 10 hours and he head to the airport.  Or somewhere around that time.  I still have to pack since we are doing laundry right now! Ha-ha but I am sure that I will get it all packed.  After all I can't expect you to do everything for me mom ;).  It won't be the prettiest packing job but it will be good enough... I imagine it will be like how the surfer in Endless Summer 2 packs; just slamming everything into each bag!  And then I have to weigh it all!  Speaking of weight, I have seemed to maintain a steady 180lbs.  But I am working out everyday, so I am trading that fat for muscle.  Tom Hardy, I am coming for you! Ha-ha. 

On Sunday we sang Praise to the Man for Sacrament Meeting and we have an Elder, Elder White, who plays like a CHAMP on the piano.  He plays by ear and is like a semi-pro composer of something like that.  I showed him the magazine of GM and told him she was a Pro singer; he thought that was pretty cool!  But it was pretty good! We are the oldest district here since everyone in our zone left last week, so the young grass-hoppers are having a hard time saying goodbye to us!  I left Elder Workman (one of the younger district Elders) with one of those tiny picture of me and wrote on the back, "Elder Farley loves you forever." Ha-Ha! He was stoked, it made me laugh!

We have been taking a lot of photos and I have been working extra hard to take ones to make you happy mom! Also, thanks for the pictures you sent and the cookies and treats! Everyone was thankful and say THANKS!  We have so much food and candy it is insane!  So we are putting it in our Narnia holes! Narnia holes are holes in the top our our closets that are secret hiding spots for the new missionaries that come in after the old ones leave!  We only got a can of Root-Beer!  Lame right!  But we want our new Elders to have a great experience! So we are packing it with TONS of fun stuff.  I am even debating putting a Elder Farley or a District 47-A picture in there! Ha-ha... we will see.
This whole week has been packed with so many spiritual experiences that have built us all as missionaries and have gotten me excited to go and help the people of DC and bringing them to Christ!  We were promised in one devotional that to "Start worrying about someone elses lost brother/sister, and someone else will rescue mine." It was a really cool quote and it made me realize the importance of missionary work even more!  How we serve our missions shows our true character inside and makes us into the people we will be for the rest of our lives.  I strive to become like the Savior and in gaining His attributes, especially charity for ALL those I come in contact with!  I am nervous to do it, but so very excited to go meet real people!

Oh! Okay Brian, I know I said I wouldn't mark my scriptures with all those MANY different colors but I want to now! Ha-ha, sorry... so could you send that same little card that you use to mark you scriptures? And also the scripture mastery card that has all the scriptures on the single card.  Those would be helpful!  I have a phone card so I don't know if I should send the one back to you or what... so I will just hold onto it until I talk to you tonight! (Which I am so STOKED about!)

Well I better get back to work.  I need to check and double check that I have everything that I need to take to WDC!

I will send the SD card with all the pictures on it but i will also upload a few just so you can see some now! (p.s. I got a Computer/Reader for my SD card! Woohoo!)

Thank you to all who have sent me letters, cards, and packages! You are ALL so thoughtful and supportive! Thank you and I will try to write you all soon!
I love you all and cannot wait to hear from you!

Elder Farley

p.s. Love is ACTION! :)

 And tell Daniel and the Lacey's that I saw Nick C.!! I have a picture of him too!
 Elder Nick Carvajal & Elder Sean Farley

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