Thursday, March 14, 2013

The DC Temple is Amazing!!

Hello Momma,

Wow!  Sounds like an eventful week!  I can't believe Brian's phone flew off the top of the Xcellerator!  He probably did it on purpose to get a new one ;) haha just kidding Brian!  That sounds like a fun trip though.  And it must have been nice to see Pat and Jeremy!  I hope they are doing well!  

So this week has been kind of a blur. I got a couple letters during the week then found out that the Assistants have a bunch of letters and packages for me, so when we went to go get them they were GONE!  Turns out the ZLs came by and took them and who knows when we will see them again.  So a little annoying but oh well.  At least we got to go to the Temple today and do a session!  The DC temple is amazing!  It was a really great way to start off P-day.  After that we even got to meet with one of our investigators to take him on a Visitors Center tour!  So that was really nice too.  Our investigators name is Hallsey and he is 81!  Elder Eyring (President Eyring's brother) was our Temple V.C. tour guide and he did such a great job.  He is one of the most humble and spiritual people I have ever met!  Our P-day was mostly missionary work and now writing letters.  But I don't mind at all.  It was way better to share it with an investigator than just going out and playing basketball or something.

Last night was the Night of Music and Inspiration at the Temple's Visitor Center.  My companion, Elder McDonald, Elder Queen and I all performed "I Feel My Savior's Love"  and the whole night was SO great!  So surprisingly I have been singing a lot.  Give a special "THANK YOU" to Grandma from me for all the singing lessons.  

We have 3 investigators that I have gotten to really meet and progress with.  One is on date to be baptized next month!  We have SO many potentials it is insane!  So we have been spending a lot of time following up with them and trying to set up appointments. I am enjoying the work and REALLY enjoying the people.

A little info on the ward... Our bishop is Bishop Lewis and he is the sweetest and nicest guy I have ever met. And he is a stud at missionary work.  Our mission leader is very good too!  He is very involved and helpful.  AS for the food calender... eh.  Ha-ha it isn't filling up too much but that's okay.  Food is for slackers. ;) I am sure it will fill up soon enough.  The people that feed us are the BEST anyway so we are happy with that. 

Thanks for everything and I cannot wait to get those letters and packages that are being held hostage. They said I have like 10!!! Probably over-exaggerating but everyone knows me now in the mission and are like, "are you Farley? Someone loves you!" and I just say, "thats my momma!" haha so I don't know when I'll get them because the ZLs live kinda far.  At latest, Monday.

Love you all!

Your missionary, 

Elder Farley
Playground Time

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