Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Elder Farley & Elder Anderson!!

Hey Momma,
Thank you  and to everyone else that has sent me letters and packages for my birthday!  It was the best birthday ever. I seriously thought a few elders want me dead (over exaggeration) because of all the stuff I got.  The other Derwood elders were freaking out when I opened all my packages.  They were like, "Elder Farley you have gotten more mail than I have received my whole mission!" Ha-ha so it is really nice to feel so loved and remembered out here!  
I am glad that Hermana LuLu sent that picture to you!  She threw us an awesome Birthday party (Elder Anderson and I).  She is like one of the nicest people I have ever met!  So we went over to her place a couple hours before the party and helped her cook and bake the cakes and brownies.  Then a bunch of other Elders came that are from our Zone and some other ward members and friends of LuLu.  Hermana LuLu even had birthday presents for us!  So it has been a wonderful week and a great birthday, that's for sure.  
It has been good to hear so much from the family and to see that everyone is doing well!  I am especially glad to hear that Uncle Vaughn is enjoying his job at Webb!  I am glad he is there in Farmington close to our family!
So this p-day is really exciting because I am for the first time ever in DC!  Right now I am in the Library of Congress writing e-mails on research computers!  We went earlier this morning to go and get research cards and they are like picture IDs that let you get into the back entrances!  They are way cool!  So after we e-mail I will be going to some museums and just enjoying the sites with Elder Anderson and two other Elders from another area.  I am so pumped!  I also took a serious picture for my ID so I look like a murderer. Ha-ha kind of like my BYU-Idaho ID!
Oh, and the story about my bike crash.  It was pretty awesome actually.  So we were going to Sister Rainey's home for a dinner appointment and I was flying down this street to get there.  I was a little ways behind Elder Anderson and saw him take a left turn onto the next street.  I was pretty confident in my speed around the corner but soon I realized it was WAY too fast so I hit the brakes.  Then my back tire sorta started doing a skid and I was done!! Ha-ha so I did a base-ball slide with a bike between my legs for a good 10 yards then instantly popped back onto my bike. It was like the Olympics when the gymnasts stick there landing.  I don't really understand how it happened but it looked cool I am sure.  And Elder Anderson got a kick out of it!  So we kept biking to the house and when we locked up our bikes I looked down and saw my white thigh!  I tore right through my slacks and gave me a good scab and bruise.  So that was probably one of the top stories for the week!  But I am totally fine. I will go a little slower on my bike and remind myself that I'm not in the Tour De France. :) 
Riding the Metro
On the work side of this week we haven't had too much success.  We have continued to set up appointments but they continue to dog us.  But I am not worried.  As long as we continue to go out and find and teach I know someone will be ready to hear and accept this great message. 
Well, everyone is wrapping up and we are about to head out so I will talk to you next week!  Thanks again for all the mail :) Love you all!!
Sean - Elder Farley

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