Monday, January 12, 2015

10 Days to go!

Specialized Training
Hey Mom!

Oh my gosh!  We just got out of the city and I don't have tons of time to write,
but I will try to write all I can!

This week went great!  I mean, how can a visit from a President Eyring be
anything but amazing!!  It was honestly one of the most powerful experiences
I've ever had.  He spoke to us about how we can most effectively teach when we
are working with investigators, and really anyone we meet.  He talked about the
spirit of discernment and how we should pray constantly in lessons for this
ability.  Since the Lord knows everyone perfectly and knows each persons
thoughts and hearts, He can help us know the needs and concerns of those we
teach.  He even explained that he too uses this even when speaking to us.  He
then stopped and said that he was looking into our eyes and asking the Lord to
help him know something about a few of us, so that he might know what to say to
help us.  It was amazing.  Words can't explain the feeling that the a Spirit of
God brought to that meeting.

This week was great for other reasons as well: We were able to meet up with the
Bible study group this week, and there were even more people this week!  We are
continuing to sit back a little and not scare everyone who is seasoned in the
group.  However, the ring leader of the group, Rusty, asked us a few questions
in which he agreed with us.  One was on the topic of the importance of Agency in
this life, and the other was the topic of multiple heavens.  I was able to teach
about the Celestial kingdom and two lower kingdoms and to share how we can get
there.  The best part was that he agreed with what we shared!  These people
really have a desire to come closer to Christ and I feel that over time we might
have an opportunity to share the restored gospel with them!
Thanks for the Gift Cards!!

On Sunday I was able to speak to the Kentlands Ward.  It was an fun to be able
to speak a second time there and share about missionary work.  It wasn't
recorded, but don't worry...  I'll just give the same one to everyone at church
when I come home :'D hahaha! Just kidding!

This week we will have interviews, departing dinner w/interviews and the Why I
Believe!  What a great last week.  I am so confused at how time seemed to fly
by.  It doesn't seem even close to two years that have passed since I've last
seen you.  But it has been... And it has been two years well spent.  I'm glad I
have one more chance to email you before I return home, and I'm sure I will
share my feelings about my service to everyone.

It sounds like things are going well at home.  It will be such a blessing to be
able to talk with you in person and share all the wonderful things that we have
both experienced in the last couple years of our lives.  What a blessing it is
to know that we have been learning and growing in this life, and most
importantly the Gospel of our Savior.  I hope you have a wonderful week and I
will see you soon!  Love and miss you!

Love your son,

Elder Sean Farley

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