Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Roads?...Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads" ---Last Email from Elder Sean Farley!!!

Three Amigos...Elder Tavana, Elder Warnes and Elder Farley

Seriously, what the heck just happened?  I'm going to be hugging you, dad and the family in two days.  My emotions are so mixed up and confused at the moment, this email is guaranteed to be a little odd. Ha-ha

This last week has been really great.  I've been able to see so many wonderful people these last few days.  It's hard for me to realize I won't be seeing them in a few days.  Saying goodbye to the mission is going to be one of the hardest things for me to do, but it will be overpowered with the joy of seeing my beautiful family again.  

Transfers are in sight and I'll be joining part of my MTC crew in the big transfer in the sky... "There's not enough road to get up to 88 Doc."  "Where we're going, we don't need roads!" Ha-ha. What is going to be the hardest part; saying goodbye to the Cookes.  They have really all become brothers and sisters to me, and Pres and Sister Cooke like parents, in a sense. Elder Warnes will be staying in the area and receiving.... Who knows!  But I'm sure he will do fine.  I think he is a little nervous, but he is such a good kid.  It has been such a blessing from Heavenly Father to allow me to train again, especially to finish my mission out this way.  

My heart hurts for Jonny and his family.  What a hard loss.  And to hear that Alex Morrow passed away as well was so sad.  I will be praying for both families.  It is really hard in life when things like that happen.  I have seen a lot of things out here on the mission that have forced me to take a step back and look at things in a eternal perspective.  Being mortals here on earth is such a limiting thing in many ways.  Our minds are so focused on this moment, and this mortal experience that we often don't see the full plan.  I know Heavenly Father loves all of His children.  He wants us all to return to Him and to be eternally happy.  Life is hard, there is no question in that.  However, I am extremely grateful for the knowledge of the gospel that brings so much peace and comfort in our lives.  My love goes out to both families for their losses.

I really don't know what else to say... I can't put these two years into just one email. I do know that what I have shared for two years in the absolute truth.  The Lord, Jesus Christ has restored His church through a prophet, and continues to lead it through Thomas Monson.  The Book of Mormon is scripture from God, written by prophets who lived in the ancient Americas. God loves and knows us perfectly.  He cares about us has always been in our lives.  There is a reason for us to be here on earth; we came to experience mortality, overcome trials, keep Gods commandments and live our lives to the fullest.  As we do so, I know we can return to our Heavenly Father because of our Savior's Sacrifice.  His Atonement has made it possible for all of mankind to repent and be cleansed through Him.  We ALL can become better, day by day.  I know that I have changed and most importantly, I've grown closer to the Lord, Jesus Christ.  

I hope to continue to share my testimony with others even after this mission!  I love this gospel and know it's for everyone!  

Can't wait to see you mom! Be healthy, happy, and safe!


Elder Sean Farley

Hey Dad!

Sorry about not emailing you last week :( it was surprisingly busy.  It's great to hear from you though!  I can't believe I get to see you so soon!  I don't even know what to say.  It hasn't been what I expected, but I know it was what God wanted me to experience.  It has been a wonderful opportunity for me.  Thank you Dad for all your support, both temporally and spiritually!  I owe so much to you and mom, and I am beyond stoked to share all about my mission win you two.  

This week has been great.  Just starting to pack today.  Should be able to fit everything just fine.  Visiting everyone and especially enjoying this last little bit with the Cookes, some of my missionary brothers and the Blewetts.  It will be hard to say goodbye to this mission family, but it's time to come home.  Don't really know what all will happen when I'm back, but it will be okay.  It will be fun to see the family and old friends!  I feel like I just left on a really long EFY.  It seemed so short, but it's been a while.

It's super sad to hear about Jonnys dad and Alex Morrow.  What a weird thing to happen.  I feel terrible for his son, wife and family.

Thanks for all you do and have done for me Dad.  I can't express myself right now.  I'm sad for this to be over, but you're right... It's a start to my next step in life.  And we still get to see Brian continue on in his mission journey 

Love and miss you Dad.  Can't wait to give you a hug!

Love your son,

Elder Sean Farley & his 'boy" Elder Warnes! 

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