Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Staying at the University of Maryland!

Hey Mom!

So yes, we have been having quite the weather. It rains a lot then it gets super hot and humid.  These white shirts I feel will not be so white in two years from now!  Ha-ha.  But thanks for the new one!  I really was happy to have a replacement after I had the pen explosion in the other!  Stupid crap pens!  Oh well.  

Wow.  Sounds like a busy June this year!  But busy is a good thing. And the weather sounds intense there.  It was about 96 degrees a week ago one day.  It was crazy hot and also humid so it felt like... infinity degrees! Ha-ha but I also never need lotion since the air provides that for me.  Its great!  I will probably wither away when I get back to that desert air. 

So this week we would have had some baptisms coming up but they all kind of fell off the map.  Bummer for the area. But we just picked up a new investigator who is amazing!  He was brought to church by a member two weeks ago and came this last Sunday to church again!  He accepted to take the missionary discussions and he even called us and asked if he could be a member and be baptized!!  Holy Miracles, right?  I am so excited!  We meet with him in DC tomorrow!  So that is the good news here!  

Also, today was transfers and Elder Kuddes and I get to stay together!!! YAY!  We are both very happy.  We had an awesome last transfer and he hopes to have an even better one to finish out the mission.  I can't believe he dies after this transfer and in 6 weeks I get to kill him :) Yay me!  (Once again... not literally.  Here in DC we "kill" our missionaries instead of just sending them home.  That would be boring!)  Oh and Elder Stoor, one of the missionaries in our district, left and his old companion Elder Loveless and is training now!  Also a sister in our district is training as well!  So, I am no longer the youngin' around here.  It feels good to be young, but not the baby :)  

Also today was the last transfers with the Matsumoris. It was weird.  Sad because they were leaving but also very wonderful because we all were happy for them having served a great mission here.  We all sang our mission song and then sang a third verse the APs gave us.  The M's were in tears and so were most of us! (Not me because Big Girls Don't Cry ;) )  Ha-ha so we had a great transfer meeting!  And we even gave the M's hugs!  So it was a good goodbye.   I am excited to see who and how the new President will be.  He gets here the first of July I think.

Well, all is going great out here!  I love you all and hope everything and everyone is doing well! 



P.S. I loved the package!  Thanks again!  I got the stationary too!  Love the colors this time!  Tell GM thanks for the stamps too!  I love protein so I vote for that in my packages :)  I am going on a no sugar diet!!  Got to stay fit! 

Tell Brian his beard and hair look legit and that I hope he does great at camp and football camp too!

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