Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Learning of Christ, when Sick

Hey Mom,

It is super good to hear from you and how everything is going on back
at home. Things here are going well except for being sick.  Our zone
has won the most obedient award for this transfer which resulted in a
pizza party with President and the Assistants. That is what is taking
place now.  I am avoiding the pizza because my stomach isn't very
settled yet.(still munching on the same sleeve of saltine crackers.) I
wish I could share more about transfers but I will have to wait until
next week when we are allowed to talk about what happened.  As zone
leaders we find out who is going where on Saturday and let everyone
know if they are leaving and going to bike or car.  However, everyone
doesn't find out who they are with and where they are going until
Tuesday night.

This transfer has passed by so fast! I am really stoked to be able to
have another transfer with Elder Rushton.  And to be in Anacostia
still... Best thing ever! Ha ha.  But in all honesty this area is
awesome! I was sick of all the stuck up white people I had to deal
with before and the majority of the African-Americans we meet with
here are much more humble and hospitable to us.  We have a lot of
investigators we are sifting through to find out who truly have the
real intent to move forward.  Much of the effort is trying to get them
to church and to strengthen them initially against the false
information that is later given to them by others about the church.
But we are confident in our efforts and know that God will always win.
 The zone is working hard here to talk with a lot of people and to
find more solid investigators through the members.  It is a little
difficult in some ways here, but when we get members to bring their
friends it is a lot better for everyone!  I am glad I have realized
this now so that when I am in whatever wards I may be in in the
future, I will be able to help the missionary efforts.

So, my subject to this email... Well, all I can say is that whenever I
am sick, especially when I am really sick, I always find myself
turning to Christ.  Immediately I find myself feeling selfish and sad
because I feel that I should always be striving to grow closer to Him,
not just when I am in need.  I should rejoice in Him and give thanks
to the Lord in all things.  But I find myself accustom to fall to the
natural man now and again, asking God in my trials to take away my
pain and anguish.  As I had a long couple of days in bed I found
myself listening to conference talks, reading Jesus the Christ,
watching videos on the prophets and apostles and of course reading the
scriptures. I focused my study on Christ and especially his Atonement.
 I marvel that He would and could provide a way for us to find
forgiveness of our sins if we would repent and obey.  I've found that
I may never understand how the Atonement really works or by what means
Christ was able to accomplish such a feat. But what I DO know is that
He really did suffer and die for us and His atonement is a real thing.
 And the beautiful thing is that it isn't limited to anyone... It is
for everyone!  Christ want us to turn to Him and He wants us to find
peace and comfort through Him, because He has already suffered for us
all.  All He asks of us is to come unto Him, with a broken heart and a
contrite spirit.  Then we can know of Him and his infinite and
incomprehensible love.  This is my testimony and this is why I am
eternally in debt, and forever grateful.
How wonderful it is to know that we have a loving God who has provided
a way for us to all return to Him together.  I am so thankful for the
wonderful family we are a part of and how much God has blessed us!
This gospel is the best! And it is great to be able to spread it here
in DC.
Love you and miss you.  I hope the missionary work is going well back
at home and I hope everyone in the family and in the ward are happy
and healthy. Keep up the great work!

Love your boy,
Elder Sean B. Farley

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