Tuesday, February 11, 2014

God Loves Us!

Zombie slaying AKA Doing service by taking out cacti with crazy tools
Hey Mom!

This week has been awesome!! The zone went crazy this week and got 24 new investigators!!  Usually the Anacostia zone all together gets about 11-15 so we DESTROYED!  Elder Rushton and I were blessed a ton this last week since we got 7 investigators.  That was pretty sweet!! I love this zone so much and all the Elders in it!! They are all really hard working and it is great to be able to get to know them and learn from them.  

We were finally able to have our zone activity too!! We played Football and Ultimate Frisbee with our zone and also the Suitland Zone.  We had flags and used extra footballs for the markers of the field.  We had four different teams that were created with different players from both zones.  We named each team after something that has been trending in the mission.  The teams were: 1) #team_gandalf, 2) Big Guys 3) Proteim(Sounds like Pro-Team, looks like Protein) 4)Swoldiernation.  Ha ha so I made a poster where I drew each team's name and mascot!  To finish of the activity we had everyone gather together and eat Little C's Pizza.  It turned out awesome, even though it was pretty cold!

Elder Rushton and I have been working hard with the new investigators we have found and also with those that are already in our teaching pool.  Satan is trying hard to turn people away with either Anti-stuff, getting sick, and family problems.  But we are doing our best to keep in daily contact with them and encourage them to read the Book of Mormon and find out for themselves.  

Recently with our new teaching tools/iPads, we have found that their is so many useful resources that the devices have.  We now teach with videos and pictures and have our scriptures, pamphlets, and other things in such a small little tablet.  So it has become a major blessing.  When teaching the 1st, 2nd or any lesson, we have found that when a principle is taught and is backed up with a video of the Prophet or one of the Apostles; it brings the Spirit into the lesson SO much more.  It is like having President Monson, Elder Eyring, or Elder Holland as a member present! Ha ha!  It is the best!! So that has become helpful and I personally feel like it has helped me teach the gospel more effectively than I have before. 

Anyway, I just love the Gospel so much!  Sometimes I will get down on myself and doubt certain things just like everyone does now and then... but every time I think about how wonderful Heavenly Father's plan is, I remember how much He loves each and everyone of us in a way that we cannot even imagine.  This gospel just makes so much sense when we don't make things complicated.  We each have our own path in life and as we take one step at a time and rely on our Savior, we can become a little better each day.  No matter what we do, where we go, or what situation we find ourselves in, God will always love us and we will always have Jesus Christ to turn to, to find comfort, love, and forgiveness.  All we must do to find this amazing grace is forget ourselves, remove and turn away from the sins in our lives, and follow HIM.  
I know that my Redeemer lives... and I know that I am on His errand. 

I love you and hope that all is well at home.  Keep working hard to share the gospel and grow closer to Heavenly Father each day and I can promise you that you will find more happiness and  enjoyment in this life.  Have a great week!  Miss and love you a ton!! 

Love your missionary, 

Elder Sean B. Farley

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