Monday, February 24, 2014

Night Strikes and Preaching the Gospel in Anacostia

Hey Momma!! 

It is good to hear that everything and everyone is doing well!  Wow, what a great last transfer it has been! We had a great zone activity, a really fun Night of Music and Inspiration, an awesome zone conference, and many wonderful experiences in our area and zone.  I am grateful that Heavenly Father has allowed me to grow so close to many of the Elders in the mission and to have gained so many friends in the Anacostia ward and our area. 

I guess the only down side has been the stupid bed bugs!! Elder Rushton and I are convinced that their(the bed bugs) main fortress is inside our bedroom wall.  They are no-doubt geniuses as well.  In the day they don't send out any troops, but they sleep and prepare for the night strikes.  Now and then there will be a prison break and the only opportunity that the prisoner has to escape is in the daylight so those are the occasional sightings that occur while we are awake.  But for the most part the armies gather together and attack once we are sounds asleep.  They bite the crap out of us every night, without us feeling it (can't figure that one out yet), and then they retreat back into the walls to regroup and plan the next nights attack.  That is our hypothesis anyway! ha ha #sinisterbedbugs  But not to worry, we will resolve it one way or another... President Cooke is aware of the problem. 

It is great to hear that you have been able to get to the gym after the long prolonged return time because of your ankle. Stupid injuries!  I can't wait to be resurrected so we can all have perfect bodies and I can get big like Arnold without snapping some bone or ligament haha.  I hope you and Dad can get back into a routine and then when I am back in town we can all go as a family! 

With the new transfer Elder Von Trapp left and went to Potomac/Bethesda (which is the richest area probably in the whole mission) and we got Elder Humphrey!! Elder Humphrey was in the Lexington Park apartment my last transfer with Elder Gomez.  He is such a stud and just like Elder Von Trapp, he is uplifting and a hard worker.  So the apartment was pleased to hear he would be with us!  It felt like we were listening to the Missionary NFL draft last weekend before transfers...."c'mon.. please be Humphrey... give us Humphrey!'  I totally called that too, so it should be an AWESOME transfer.  We also have my boy, Elder Gomez in the zone in Elder Peterson's district, so that was great to hear too!  He should do well in the Capitol area! 

It sounds like the Farmington, New Mexico 5th ward is going HAM! Yay Missionary Work! I really would love to see one of the classes that you and the ward mission teach!  I think the the whole church, worldwide, will quickly becoming more like that. Missionary work driven.  After all, it is the greatest work we can participate in while we are here on earth!  Can you imagine anything greater than helping God's children, our brothers and sisters, return to live with Father and Christ again- along with all of us??  "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God." I know that when we share the truth that we have come to know for ourselves with others, we are in return blessed in so many ways.  And no matter how much harder we work for the Lord in thanks for the blessings he has given us, He will continue to bless us even more as we are anxiously engaged in serving Him and His children.  

This Sunday we had two investigators at church who we have been teaching for a couple weeks.  One is the mother-Sister Ned and she has three sons but only two came.  They are ages 6, 9 and 11.  The 11 year old was sick so we only had two investigators(8 and up are considered investigators).  We also had stake coordination this sunday so we were not able to go to Sacrament meeting and most of the 2nd hour, which was really a bummer because Sister Ned was in Gospel Doctrine!! NO!! It was some in depth lesson on Jerusalem or something, I don't know. So that was "overwhelming" for her.  But her kids LOVED primary!  Thank goodness for that.  It will probably be our strongest help in getting them to come back to church next week.  The kids at least said they were coming next week! Ha ha.  They are awesome... all boys.  We are also teaching a lady named Cathey who is "church shopping" in a way.  She is really great and receptive but she may not be fully commited.  So we are still trying to find out how devoted she is to receiving an answer.   Ned is a new investigator we have this week who is a neighbor that looks like he is 80 but is only in his mid-50's! He can't really read, and his comprehension is... not too high, so we are trying to teach simply and see if he would really like to continue to meet with us.  In this area there are a lot of people who are glad to have us come in and teach us but are really cheesy and do not commit to anything.  But there are always those few who are seeking the truth and are ready... and those are the ones we are trying to find.  The coolest contact we had this week was with a man named William!  He is really interested in understanding the word of God better and he is a strong christian.  He isn't really set on any church and he wants to have a more clear knowledge of the Gospel.  We only had a short visit with him where we explained the purpose of the Book of Mormon and how it is another testament of  Christ and it clears up a lot of the confusing things in the Bible.  As we left and said we would see him soon he yelled back, "Don't forget!" That was the first time I heard someone say that!  So I am STOKED to see him tomorrow and share the message of the Restoration with him.

So things are looking up!  I hope that all of the family continues to do well and the missionary work in the ward will flourish. Everyone can be a missionary.  All it takes is trust in the Lord and a little effort to step outside our comfort zone.  I know that anyone can do it and I promise whoever is reading this email as well, that if you will pray and ask for opportunities and if you seek them out and follow through, you will be more happy and closer to God than you ever have felt in your life.  
I love you Mom and I love the family.  Keep up the great work! 

Love your son,


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