Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo Momma!

Today was great!  We had our zone activity for the Silver Spring Zone and it turned out great!  We got there and set up for the food, while Elder Archibald prepared to cook it up on the park grill.  He KILLED IT!! The food was super good.  He is like a pro cook (but for real) and he marinated all the beef for the burgers yesterday and then cooked up all the brats, burgers and hot dogs!  So... everyone left happy from that. Elder Hansen and I found some eye black in the apartment and made some "mexi staches" and got some sombreros at a local thrift shop to complete our Cinco De Mayo outfits.  I also got a Soccer Jersey from another elder and tried to compete with everyone is soccer.  Not such a good idea when you have an ingrown toenail and block people on the field! Haha I was lead blocking for my teammates!  :) So we ended up doing pretty good! We also played sand volleyball and at the end of the zone activity we handed out rewards, which were old trophies we found at the same thrift shop!  Overall it was great!

This past week has also been really good! We have made a lot of progress on the Unknown and Unassigned member list, along with many of our less actives.  Oh! Crazy story! -- So I was on an exchange with the ASL elders and we were visiting some less-actives and we met this one guy who was very unhappy with us.  He said that we kept coming over and he told us to never come back.  I explained to him the difficulty to be completely removed from the church when your names are still on the records.  One thing led to another and he now is removing his records.  So that was pretty intense.  The crazy part was the the very next person we checked on did the exact same thing!! Except this time when we he answered he was yelling at us and when we talked back he said that he was tired of us coming by when he said he didn't want us to and that he was deaf and couldn't hear us!  BAM! Miracle!! Elder Wood, who speaks American Sign Language, started signing to him and then the mans face went from angry to a "of course... out of all the missionaries in the world, this one speaks sign" sort of face!! ha-ha.  Unfortunately, he too did not want to be part of the church any longer, but at least with the sign language we were able to communicate with him and have a less hostile conversation.
On Sunday we had a former investigator, who was really more like a potential investigator, come to church. He came a while back but the missionaries were a little to excited and pushy and they scared him off.  So we are going to be more chill with him and try to set up an appointment.  Something else cool that happened was our investigator Raj showing up to church.  He has a wife who is a member and two kids under 8 years old.  Since his wife was sick he came alone and stayed for all three hours!  A lot of the members came up and met him and others wanted him and his wife to visit their homes.  So next week he said he would come again and bring his whole family! That was a great miracle!  Philip and Robyn didn't make it this week but hopefully we can meet with them within the next two days and see what happened. 

Elder Ballard will be speaking to our mission, the DC South Mission and the Baltimore mission in a couple weeks for our mission conference.  So that is going to be AWESOME! I really hope I get to shake his hand!  We will have to see... that will be a lot of missionaries! Ha-ha. 

Anyway, things are going great here!  We are trying hard to meet with the members and encourage them to start their own family mission plans and follow up with them.  I know that will be a good step for any member and should help all of them out in their personal missionary efforts.  I just love this gospel so much. It is a gospel of love, peace and happiness.  It is our duty as members forever to be sharing the gospel with everyone around us.  When we study the scriptures, the words of the modern day Prophet and Apostles, and also study Preach My Gospel; we can become great teachers and will bring many of our friends and families into the gospel.  
I love you Mom and tell everyone back home I say hi and I hope that they are doing great! Keep up the great work and I will talk to you Sunday :D YAY FOR MOTHER's DAY!! 
Love your boy, 

Elder Sean B. Farley

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