Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet Haircuts!!

Hi Mom! (and everyone else),

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good back home! I can't believe that 
Brian is already graduating from high school! And that he already has his 
mission call! I still can't get over that... He is going to be a stud Spanish 
missionary. Speaking of Spanish elders... That is who I am with right now.  They 
have a member who works off of University Boulevard at a place called "Haircut 
200." It is not even like America around this part of town though. Majority are 
Latinos, Africans, and Indians!  The cool thing is that everything is super 
authentic and really good! The downside is I can't speak ANY of their languages.  
And tons of people speak Spanish here so I need to learn it quick so I can refer 
people to the Spanish elders.  Anyway, back to the haircut! This place is 
awesome! They edge your hair with old school razors and with shaving cream! The 
member is from El Salvador and speaks very little English.  So the Spanish came 
and translated for us :) they are pretty good to us.  They kept speaking to her 
though and laughing so I thought they were going to shave off all my hair! But 
it looks good, so I am happy! And she only charges 6 bucks!!! Last time I got a 
hair cut I asked for a gentleman's cut and I got a $18 buzz!  Looks like I found 
my new "go-to" spot!

Things are going great here, besides feeling like I am in Mexico.  We have 
been talking with a lot of people and how gotten a lot of info on less active 
members and also unknown members -- like where they moved to, if they are still 
interested, etc.  We had a couple of bummer things happen, like Robyn isn't on 
date anymore and our investigators didn't make it to church.  But luckily they 
all still want to meet with us and still want to visit the church.  Also, we met 
an awesome Less-Active guy named Philip! He was baptized at 20 in Gaithersburg 
and went to DC and has not been active for 4 years.  He knows where the church 
is and now that we have visited him and brought members he has become excited to 
go! Since he works every other weekend we will get to see him this upcoming 
week.  So that was a cool miracle! Especially since no one knew about him.  As 
we have been working hard and being obedient the Lord has blessed us with many 
miracles in finding people on the unknown member list.  So we are enjoying the 
work and finding new ways to work with the members in the College Park ward. :)

Oh! Something new that I tried this week was vinegar on ice cream! The elders 
said that everyone has to try it at least once, so of course I did! It was very 
interesting! There was strawberry vinegar, raspberry, and even fig flavored!

Coming up we have zone conference, so we are getting busy planning that.  That 
will be this week and we also have a couple exchanges as well.  And then the 
week after that we have zone activity!  The zone is doing amazing! As we have 
been doing the process of purification we have all seen so many miracles!! There 
were 9 baptisms this month in the zone and it looks like a lot will be coming in 
May too! Wow... I can't believe April has flown by so fast. I am really enjoying 
this area and being able to be around the zone.  I love serving.  It always 
makes me really happy to know that what I am doing is the work of God. Even when 
it is hard, and gets discouraging at times... I know that what I am sharing is 

I love you and miss you and all the family and friends back home.  I hope 
everyone is taking Elder Ballard's challenge to invite someone to hear the 
gospel 4 times a year(every quarter).  I know that is a worthy goal for everyone 
to strive for and I can promise that anyone who does so will see a TON of 
miracles and blessings in their life.
Keep up the great work -- love you!


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