Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter

Elder Hansen & Elder Farley
Hey Mom!

Thanks for the email!  It was super great being able to talk to you, Dad, Brian and all the family that was present for the opening of Brian's mission call! I am so stoked for him!! Carlsbad, California!!  It is a good thing I didn't get sent there... all I would think about would be the ocean ha-ha!  He is going to be such a stud missionary.  I am excited for him to speak spanish too!  A good chunk of our area is full people who only speak spanish, so I am trying to pick up a few phrases ;)

Sounds like things for the home ward are doing well!  I will be praying and hoping for those the elders are teaching there will change their lives and follow the Savior.  Speaking of Easter, it was a good one!  I hope that all the family enjoyed themselves.  Out here in the College Park ward our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Turner, and his wife invited us over for dinner after church with them and their two boys. Since there are 4 elders in the ward we all went over and we had a really great time! Oh, and guess what?! Sister Turner served her mission in the Carlsbad, California mission and she was Spanish speaking as well!  Small world, huh? The Turners are amazing and Brother Turner really is doing a lot for the missionaries and to help the work progress in the ward!  

This Sunday we were hoping that our investigators would be at church, since we committed them to come the day before.  We waited outside the door greeting all the members and visitors that were here for easter, but no luck.  Even though they didn't come there were others that came who the East elders are now beginning to teach, so that was a cool miracle!  Our investigators, Oneil and Nadia, are a couple we met a while ago but just this past week were able to sit down and have a really awesome discussion about the church.  We talked first about missionary service and also about the Prophet and the Apostles and how they call both guys and girls out to certain areas of the world to share the gospel.  Following that we taught them about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and they agreed to baptism when they come to know it is true for themselves!  So if all goes according to plan and they start coming to church, they will be baptized on May 18.  (Oh and they didn't come to church because, "the bed was too comfortable" Sunday morning and they woke up late... smh.  -__- )  So we will probably teach them of the importance of going to church to receive an answer... again. ha-ha.

Unfortunately, we were not able to meet with Robyn this last week because she fell and hurt her hip and had to go to the hospital! So it looks like Satan if trying hard to keep her from meeting with us.  But we know she is still interested and we will meet with her soon!  So keep her in your prayers as well please.  

Keep up the Family History mom!! That is so cool!  The mission is making a huge push for all the Elders and Sisters to learn how to use familysearch.org and to teach others how to use it!  A few missionaries in the mission are pretty tech savvy and President has them putting together this production that is getting sent to Salt Lake that will teach missionaries how to use Family History and teach it to those them come in contact with.  I am sure you have seen that as you begin to really get into it, it becomes exciting!  I love that the site allows a section for their own personal stories, memories, and pictures! It is the best :) I really want to get into it out here, and especially back home. 

Elder Hansen and I are getting along great.  We are striving to perfect ourselves each day and to help serve one another, along with our Zone, so that we can be a more unified companionship in leading, teaching and working.  I am very blessed to be able to have Elder Hansen as my companion at this point in my mission.  He is very obedient, helpful and hardworking!  I have a feeling and almost a vision of the great things that are going to happen in this area as we work together!! I am so happy and excited to be out here serving the Lord in His vineyard. I know that there are miracles to be seen everyday!  My brothers and sisters are out there searching, waiting and wondering where to find the truth.  I know that by hard work coupled with faith and obedience is the secret to seeing miracles from heaven.  

I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, and I plan my whole life to be dedicated to serving Him and bringing His children to the knowledge of this great latter-day work.

I love you mom, and tell everyone else I love them too and hope that they are seeing miracles and opportunities to share the gospel back home.  D&C 88:73 - The work is hastening NOW!! Get on board everyone! 

Love your happy son,

Elder Sean B. Farley

I think I am finally starting to learn how to cook and make healthy food taste good! haha

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