Monday, April 14, 2014

Cherry Blossoms on the Mall

Elder Rushton and Elder Farley, plus two "Shadows in the back seat"!
Hey Mom!!

Sounds like everyone is REALLY busy back at  home, but again it seems to be a good busy.  It always is that way in Spring and rolling into Summer time. I cannot believe Brian's call is coming so soon! And I am so pumped to be able to call and talk with you all for a little when he opens it up! SO AWESOME! And then a few weeks later we get to Skype for Mother's Day! Yay! Best Spring ever. 
Today we went to see the Cherry Blossoms (at least what was left of them anyway) on the Mall in DC.  It was a really great time! Elder Hansen and I got some great pictures that I will send to you soon.  Sorry I haven't sent that SD card yet! I will send it for sure this week.  I will be sure to put it in a envelope today. 
Things in the zone are going well!  The zone has a new 10th Key, which is: letting people know before the lesson that at the end of the lesson, we are going to invite them to be baptized. SO that should really pick up the Baptismal Dates and Baptisms in the whole mission. I really love everyone in the zone already.  Our district leaders are great and all the missionaries who I have gotten to meet are really hard workers and seem to really be enjoying their time out here serving The Lord. 
Elder Hansen and I are getting along GREAT! We are working hard to utilize every tool we have as missionaries to bring more unity between the ward and the missionaries.  We recently went and checked on a potential who's name is Robyn.  She was found because she had an interest in Family History.  So we got to talking about Temples and Genealogy work.  As we talked we ended up teaching her the whole plan of Salvation and inviting her to be baptized on May11th! She accepted and told us that as long as she got an answer before that time, then she would go through with the baptism. So we were really excited for the miracle and to be able to meet her and teach her about the Gospel.  Our next visit, which is tomorrow, we will probably teach her about the Restoration in depth so that she can understand the Priesthood and the importance of Christ's Gospel being restored.  It will also give us an opportunity to share more about the Book of Mormon and it's purpose. So overall this has been a great week!
Tonight we are going to see the A. Family, who are from Ethiopia, and they are cooking for us.  The wife, who is not a member, cooks really good! And she and her sister, who is also not a member, come to church every week.  The unfortunate thing is that there is quite the language barrier between us so there is a lot of translation with teaching.  But little by little is better than none at all! 
Things are going great for me and I am really excited for next Spring in DC to spend with you and Dad! I like that idea better I think :) DC in January isn't that great in the city haha.
Love you and miss you! 
Your boy,

Elder Sean B. Farley
Happy Pizza Day!!

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