Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 AUSA Convention

AP Life...Always Driving!

I am super happy to hear the trip was a success and that you made it home safely!  Thank goodness there weren't any crying kids haha... Whenever Elder Malugin and I hear kids crying or yelling we are always like, "SHUT THAT BABY UP!" Haha it's just a joke and no one hears us, but we are semi-serious. :)

Dang, all the castles and sights of Germany sound sweet!  I am excited for the pictures.  I remember some of the stuff when we went back when Brian and I were little.  The Autobahn sounds sick!! Well... Besides the photo cop! Wtheck?!  That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!  Dad was saying how you could go 90 and people would be cruising past you! That's so sweet!! You go 65 mph on the Beltway here and you can get a $100 ticket!  

Too bad about Brian's situation.  Getting called about leaving and then... PSYCH! You are staying! Haha the madness of transfers... I understand.  He will learn a lot having two transfer with Elder What'shisface.  I have learned SO much from each one of my companions, even when we might have not gotten along 100% of the time.  EF2 is a stud and I know he will be fine :) after his mission I will take him with me to order all my food at the Mexican food restaurants!... I miss Si Seniors! Haha

It is sad that I will probably only have two more weeks with Elder Malugin- I think I will be going back out in the field.  Which is GREAT!  But I will also miss the craziness of the AP life and the fun I have had being comps with E. Vladimir Malugin, the Russian. 

We had quite the week we interviews, iPad checks, and pre-preparing for Transfers... The preparing really will start this week.  There is a okay sized group coming out, but not even close to the last couple of groups.  It's really fun to see all the new missionaries come in :) it is also really crazy seeing how young the mission is.  Not only in age but in "mission age" haha.  Everyone I knew is gone and now we are the older guys. 

Today we went to this AUSA convention in the city!  President Cooke took us since you have to be escorted by someone in the Army (or Military I guess).  It was so awesome! :) It was like Dad's giant dental conventions but for without the dental chairs and tooth brushes, and more tanks, helicopters and guns! Haha we had a great time with President as he led us around the city and even made it like a mini tour.  He knows the city pretty well- especially the Georgetown area.  Seriously a once in a lifetime chance to spend with a full Pday with your Mission President!  After that we went to a Ethiopian restaurant for a late lunch.  It was super funny because I had eaten with Ethiopian members before in college park and they eat with this sponge-like tortilla bread instead of using eating utensils. When they brought the food President just sort of looked at the lady like, "where is my fork and knife?" So I sort of showed them how to eat it and they caught on fast... But MAN does that stuff fill you up!!! My stomach is still expanding!  The trip overall was amazing.  It was so fun to have President show us his favorite parts of the city along with when and where he had been at certain times in his career.

Here in the mission the elders and sisters are really working hard on their 20 lessons a week, along with focusing on key indicators and keeping great records.  With our iPad checks with the ZLs we check the content of the iPads while the Zone leaders review their day planner and area book.  That way everyone is being accountable and obedient :D

The mission is the best.  Life is the best!!  I just love seeing the little miracles that Heavenly Father puts in our paths each day.  The world distracts us so much... And I think what it distracts us from, more than anything, is the little blessings that keep us going.  I hope that all of us can look for the little things that The Lord blesses us with.  It's the little miracles that keep us going so that we make it to see the big miracles!  I meet people everywhere I go that open up a conversation for me to share the gospel.  Even if it is just a little bit... I have an opportunity to help them draw closer to Christ. We all have those opportunities.  The question is: do we take them?  God gives them to us... The rest is up to us!  

I love this gospel and I KNOW it is true.  How else could an organization leave its proselyting up to a bunch of kids and see success from it?  It must be true ;) haha I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us infinitely and know us perfectly.  I know that we all have a Savior who died so that we would have the chance to repent and become better- even allowing us the opportunity to live with our Heavenly Parents and earthly families again.  I love you all so much and I am so happy you are safe.  Keep up the great missionary work- and keep reading PMG!

Love your son,

Elder Sean Farley

Thanks for the packy mom :) that tie is awesome, and you know my weakness: Carmel Apple suckers!  Love you both so much!

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