Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Last Week as AP...Headed Back into the Trenches!

Folded 400+ by myself....It was ROUGH!
Hey Momma!

1st things FIRST!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!  I hope you had a good day :) how does it feel to be "33 years old"!?

You are so great mom!  I hope you know that you are loved by all of your kids so much! Thank you for always be so helpful and doing everything for us!  Your service you do for us has been an amazing example of Christ-like love to me!  :) keep on sharing your wonderful testimony and charity with others!

It sounds like things are going pretty well back home, besides hearing that Farmington lost both Aztec and PV :/  but it is good to hear the Iluminada and Horace wrote you!  I need to write her back.  It's makes me so happy to hear how well they are doing!

Things here are going great as well!  It's crazy to think how fast this transfer has gone by.  Elder Malugin and I have already been together for almost 3 months, and it's only felt like 3 weeks!  The Transfer is right around the corner and we have lots to do! It's funny how the craziest week is also the most fun. It will be great to see all the new kids come in again and be able to do some training for them.

We had a HUGE "Why I Believe" this Sunday, which is mainly for all the Recent Converts of the church.  The event is held at the Washington DC Temple Visitors' Center every 3rd Sunday of the month and recently it has been so big because President has made a huge emphasis on the importance of the meeting.  This last one featured the Castows, who were the pastor and preacher couple from two different churches that are LDS now.  They were taught by AJ and were in the Deseret news- remember that?  Anyway, they were AMAZING speakers and they really brought the Spirit.  Not to mention that there was standing room only in the HUGE auditorium.  Needless to say, it was an amazing night!  I can't wait for us all to come back out here to visit the mission!  It will be so fun to show you around!

Oh, and we also got to go down the Lexington Park to help President train in both LPs and Patuxents Ward Councils!  It was great to be down there again!  It was about this time last year when I was called to be District Leader and to train Elder Gomez! Haha the good old days...

Tomorrow is the temple trip since they were not able to take a group our size on the normal Wednesday departing temple day.  Following our trip we will have out mission picture!  We are doing it early this year so that it will be ready well before the Christmas season.  It is getting a little chillier here and the leaves are changing and falling.  We went out before p-day ended and ran some routes on the football field near the Cooke's home(the high school were Joe and Elizabeth go).  It was fun to run down the field and to switch off as receiver and QB with Elder Malugin.  He is a really good athlete and I imagine he will try out for Basketball or Football when he goes home.

I guess it must just be the season or the Spirit or something, but I am just having a great time out here! Haha I am pretty excited for another transfer and all the great things that come along with it!  I most likely will be leaving to go back in the field- I guess we will find out! I will be sad to leave but I know I will have a wonderful time in the field if it does happen.

Well- that's about it for what's going on mom.  Again, I hope you had an amazing birthday!  I love you so much and I am so happy that you and Dad are so engaged with the gospel and missionary work!  Keep on studying hard and always share your testimony... It is such a power tool :)  the gospel is true, and as long as we do out best to share it, Heavenly Father will help with the rest!  Be healthy, happy and safe!

Love your boy,

Sean, aka "EF1"

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