Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference was Amazing!!

Hey Mom!

It is great to hear from you and Dad in Germany!  Sounds like it is a really fun trip.  I am sad that Dad wasn't able to meet people from his mission, but it is super cool that he is able to visit old areas show you where he served.  I am inspired to try harder at keeping a journal.  I was doing really good at the beginning of my mission; writing 2+ pages a day for about 6 months!  I have slacked off on that goal a little, but there is always repentance, right? :) 

It is also good to hear you were able to watch conference on your iPad.  Isn't it so great that we live in a time where we can watch Conference LIVE on a handheld device?!  Seriously, what a blessing! General Conference was so amazing this go around- like it is each six months.  I love how the talks are always simple teachings of the Gospel that are understandable for everyone.  Just like how the Book of Mormon prophets would speak "plainly" to their people, the prophets and apostles today also speak to all our understanding and in a way that we can still be astonished and touched by the Spirit of God.  I enjoyed many of the talks and I am excited to re-watch and listen to them over this upcoming 6 months.  There are many things I can repent for and change in my life, even in the little ways, so that I can grow closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I love how Richard G. Scott spoke about praying to Heavenly Father.  How God wants to hear everything from us!  He loves us so much that He wants us to always allow Him to be with us throughout our whole day.  But Father in Heaven will not force us to do so, so we must use our agency wisely turn to Him.  I also thought it was intense when he said that daily scripture study is more important than homework, sports, and even SLEEP!!!! haha He is a boss. 

Well, things are going great here in the Best Mission in the History of Life!  Last night we had a FHE at the Cooke's home/mission home for the French program.  They had some couples come over and even the Ward Mission Leader for a lesson, game and treat!  It turned out well and it actually the first ever French FHE.  In the past it has been only English and Spanish.  Now Chinese and French have been included! 

This week Elder Malugin and I will be giving a training to the Zone Leaders about how to work with iPad issues and how to set them up for the new missionaries in the field.  This way the missionaries will go through their zone leaders for any apple device issues (not us, anymore) and they will be trained and ready to go!  That will help us out a LOT actually... so we are stoked.  

-Oh and my toe is a lot better and I got the bandage off... it looks kind of crazy, but it feels a TON better :) stupid ingrown toenails! 

We have a lot more time this week for exchanges now that Zone Conferences are over!  We will have interviews throughout the week for various zones, excluding the Visitor Center sisters since President interviewed most of them already.  I am super excited to be out and about with President to go see the missionaries and to also go out and teach with them.  Elder Malugin and I might also be doing a multiple day exchange with some elders, so that will be great!!  

Being an Assistant has really been a tough, but wonderful experience for me.  I have had two amazing companions and have been with an outstanding mission president.  This will mostly likely be my last before I go back into the field again.  It will be good to be "normal" again for my two last transfers, but I am sure going to miss being with Elder Malugin the Cooke Family.  Good thing the transfer still has a little over 3 weeks!! :D Going to make them last!!

This week is going to be great :)  Each day I hope to "try a little harder to be a little better."  I know that as we look back on where we are in life, no matter what point of our lives we are in, and we can improve!  I am excited for these next six months leading up to NEXT General Conference... and I plan on being a better person then, than I am now.  :)  I love and miss you Mom and Dad!  Enjoy the trip in Germany and be safe!! Keep up the great missionary work, and even look for some German folk to introduce to the gospel over there!  

Love your Washingtonian son,

Elder Sean Farley

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