Monday, November 3, 2014

In Kentlands as a Regular!

Dinner at the Mission Home
Hey Momma!

Let me just say that I love it here!  Elder Tavana is so great and we are having a blast in the ward. We don't have anyone very solid that we are working with, but Bishop wants us to visit every member before Christmas!  So we are going to town. You should look up The Kentlands in Maryland.  It is this community where there is this old town feel... Everything is super close.  Theater, restaurants, dentists, doctors, cleaners, supermarkets, and even clothing stores!  It is super fun to go around and see both active and inactive members there.

I have had the chance to meet a lot of great people so far this week.  There is a recent convert family who are legit!  They have a 23 year old son who we go lift with in the mornings and he is way chill. We have become pretty good friends- so hopefully we will get the chance to show him the wonderful blessings of the church!

I can't wait for you and Dad to come out here next spring and meet all the wonderful people I've met here and to see the great places I have been around in Maryland and DC!

Oh... Just a little side note: today we lifted and played football with the Assistants for Pday.  The good news and bad news: Bad=we timed out 40 yard dash times and I am SLOW!!! Haha Good= I benched 315lbs :D YES!! It was a good day!

Anyway, we have interviews for our temple recommends tomorrow- can't believe it has been 2 years since I went to the temple the first time!

It is great to hear that everything is going well back at home :) I am glad you feel better now Mom so you can go the gym again!  The gym is great!  I have a new appreciation for staying active and healthy since I have been out here.  I really wish I could pass on ever dessert, but the members are too nice and loving to deny their great food!  I will just have to run more haha.

It is great to know you and Dad were able to see Rachel!  Hope you told her "hi" for me.  I miss and love all my siblings a ton :)

This week we plan on seeing a ton of people and hopefully finding some new investigators through members and as we talk to everyone we see and meet!  It is suppose to get a little warmer than it has been, but we can definitely tell that the cold fall weather is upon us.  I love the fall.  Being cold here is better than the hot and humid.

Well momma... That's about it for this week.  I will be sending an sd card to you finally so you have some pictures again.  Thanks for everything you send out to me! I got all the packages/letters and postcards you sent!  I always love the little notes from you and Dad.  I have gotten pretty behind on letters the last few months! Sorry everyone- I still love you all! Haha

Quick thought: Elder Tavana and I have been sharing a lot about how we can all do our best each day to remember our Savior in everything we do.  All of us make mistakes and have trials and weaknesses, but we all can put a little more effort in being more like Christ.  He was and still is the perfect example for all of us.  He knows exactly how we feel, what we struggle with and even our every thought.  We can turn to Him and our Father in Heaven in prayer at anytime for the strength we need.  Our challenge to each person we share this with (including you :) ) is to look for something you can do this week to be more like our Savior.  Elder Tavana had a great, simple one: to SMILE more :) and I am striving to serve those around me more!  So as we go about this week I pray that everyone who gets the chance to spread this to pick just ONE WAY to be more like Jesus Christ.  I know that this will not only help those around us, but it will also help us with our individual relationships with our Lord and bring a greater peace and purpose to our lives!

I love and miss you momma, but I know this is the place God needs me and the place I want to be so that I can share what I know with all my brothers and sisters who will listen! I hope you and the family (and all our friends) will be safe, happy and healthy!!!

Love your boy,

Elder Sean B. Farley
After doing service with the Chinese program Elders.....they're all tuckered out!

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