Monday, November 10, 2014

Loving the Kentlands and Serving with Elder Tavana

Hey Momma,

Thanks for the email!  I love the photo of you, Dad and Rachel!  It is really nice quality too! Pretty funny that they do that!  I know what you mean by feeling that the weeks are going so fast... This week flew.  I am loving the Kentlands and serving with Elder Tavanā.  This Pday we got Bodda and Thornton to come and lift with us and their roommates and companions!  It was like a whole football team came in and took over LA Fitness haha.  And Tavana's first name is Devin.  I am excited to show you around the mission- let me know what the dates are when we are coming back out here, then I can tell some members here.

Glad to hear things are going well at home!  I sent you a video of me singing at the Night of Music this last Sunday, so you can show that to the family :) we sang "Be Thou Prideful"
We are having a blast here- the work is hard, but the members are cool and we are really trying to get them excited to participate in sharing the gospel.  It's great to know there are some hard working missionaries back in the 5th ward at home! Dad needs some hard working kids to keep up with his fire!  We are having some success with the Recent Converts son.  We had a night where we stopped by and he had us come and hangout in his room and just talked about a lot of stuff.  Mostly the Godhead and the difference between the trinity, also evolution and Adam/Eve.  We even got to share our conversion & reason why we came out on a mission.  He is a really awesome guy.  He is the one we lift with sometimes in the morning.  And his parents are the coolest :)  we also have a couple other people we are trying to make contact with, so hopefully we will have more success this week.

In a few days we are having a general authority come to train the mission.  Elder Katcher.  So that should be really awesome!  The Festival of Lights is also coming up and since I am not in Lexington park like last year, I should be able to go a lot more!  There is even some talk about elders helping out in the VC to get more referrals... Because the elders are much better at getting referrals than the sisters ;) haha just kidding... Kind of.

I got to hear from Brian this week!  It sounds like he is doing well! I can't believe he has been out for quite a while already. He is such a stud- I love hearing from him.  :) it makes me happy to know he is in a good place doing great things- even if it will be a while until I see him again.  I think about a lot of my friends who are on missions as well!  I have been blessed to be around a lot of awesome kids.

This week I have had some really great studies.  It is kind of funny how being on my mission has made me LOVE studies.  I enjoy learning and re-learning the principles of the gospel.  Even when I only get to study a little each day I still feel that it helps me grow closer to Jesus Christ.  Keep on studying and looking for opportunities to share the things you learn :)

I love and miss you momma!  Stay healthy, happy and safe!

Love your boy,

Elder Sean B. Farley

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