Monday, November 24, 2014

Miracles and Festival of Lights

Hey Mom! 

This week had a lot packed into it- and this upcoming week even more so!  Sorry if I end up jumping all over the place in this email.  

First off, it sounds like things are going well at home!  I am excited for you vacay! Have fun and eat some shaved ice and garlic shrimp for me - haha!  The missionary work back home sounds like it is going well.  It always helps to have some hard working elders who are excited about the work.  It is also great that you will get to see Rachel and the Parsons!  Tell everyone I say hi :)

A couple weeks ago we gave a blessing to a girl, who is the daughter of an inactive member.  She had a problem with her appendix & gallbladder and was in the hospital for a while.  We went into the hospital both silently saying prayers that there would be a miracle.  We had a good visit with her and her mom. (who actually loves us and feeds us almost every weekend)  Her recovery time was multiple weeks and she even got transferred the next day to Baltimore to have work done.  We gave her a blessing and left and it was almost another week when we saw the family again for dinner.  There was great news!  She was coming home the next day!!! She had an amazing recovery and still would be recovering at home but came home WAY before she was suppose to be released from the hospital!  So that was a really awesome miracle :) Heavenly Father definitely heard our prayers and even the mom and father(who is not a member) noticed and commented on the help of the blessing!  :) that alone made my week.

This last week we also got to help put some lights up for Festival of Lights at the Temple Visitor's Center on the trees!  It was pretty cold and our instructor was kinda.... Out of control, really excited but a little overbearing.  It was a cool experience though.  We were also able to share a lesson at a youth District meeting for two different wards.  It was modeled after our missionary district meetings, but simplified and focused on the youth.  Elder Tavana and I taught about how missions are all about service and following our Savior.  We shared a short video about the ancient apostles leaving everything and following the Lord.  After the spiritual side we had a Q&A about missionary work and life.  At the end we showed an old 'District 3' video about the life of a District Leader!  Haha it was pretty funny :). Oh and we went to the White House too! It was great haha- but it one of those Grandpa Farley things... "I've already been there, why would I want to go again?" Haha

Today for Pday we played our annual missionary Turkey Bowl.  It was better coordinated this year with pre-selected teams, team colors, flags, and cones to mark the field.  We even had a bracket!  The talent was evenly spread so the games were all really good and fun! We even had Zack come down and play with us!  He played college Lacrosse so he is a pretty good athlete.  Then on Thursday we will play again for our ward turkey bowl!  Tomorrow after district meeting we will be helping cut turkey for the homeless with Salvation Army.  Hopefully we will have some more lessons this week as well!  I am loving it here in the Kentlands area with Tavana.  We are having fun, enjoying working with the members and trying hard to find those elect souls!  

I hope you will have a great time on the islands.  Be healthy, happy and safe!  I'll do the same :) love and miss you!

Love your boy,


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