Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Markoff Farm & Arlington National Cemetery

Hey Mom and Dad!

It's cool to hear from you both in one email! That's a first haha.
Sounds like you are having a good time!  You look beautiful in that
picture momma, and dad looks like a stud- as always.  I hope you enjoy
the trip and take some good pictures!

Okay... Where did time go?! It's December already!!  We are cutting
down a tree this week to put in our apartment this week and Z. is
going to help us make a stand for it!  We have a small fireplace in our
apartment too. We dug up old stockings that we found, and with a
little music from Michael Bublé, it's beginning to look and feel a lot
like Christmas!  It will be weird to have Brian on the West Coast
while I am out here, but I know he will have a good time.  Elder
Tavana will be going home on the 27th of this month, so he will be
with us for the mission's Christmas, which is good for us, but sad
that he won't get back to see his family for Christmas Day.  I got the
advent calendar that you sent along with the little packages!  Thank
you!  I also got a Chipotle gift card from GM&GP!  Thanks to them
both- I love that place!!!

Thanksgiving was insane!  Seriously one of the best Thanksgivings of
my life.  All four of us missionaries in the Kentlands ward went out
to the farm of the Markoff's family and had dinner in their huge barn.
It sounds a little silly and odd, but it was awesome! Each setting at
the table had names for each guest and we all sat jam-packed together,
Indians and Pilgrims alike, just like the First Thanksgiving feast!  I
am pretty sure we looked more like African tribes than any native
Americans, but the paint was just too much fun :). We had a big feast,
went around the table of the group of 70+ and said what we were
thankful for, and then headed to another barn for the Indian vs.
Pilgrim showdown.  Of course the Indians won!  It was great!  The
members out here are really fun and so nice to us.  I am very excited
for you both to meet them one day.  Besides our awesome Thanksgiving,
we had a great week!  We had our temple trip a week early so we had
that on Wednesday. We also did a little bit of thrift shopping today
and I got a Brooks Brothers tie for cheap! And I found new Volcom
khaki shorts for $5 and Super short nike shorts for leg day :)
yeaahhh! It was a winning day for thrifting.

Today we had our Arlington trip for all the missionaries that leave
from now to April.  It was a very humbling and unique experience to
walk around the cemetery and and reflect on the many who have fought
and died in order to defend our county's freedom.  I thought a lot
about both my grandfathers as we watched the changing of the guard
ceremony at the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier," which takes place every
hour of every day of every year.  At first thought it was almost silly
how serious and exact the guards are when changing shifts and watching
the tomb.  However, I soon realized that as they watched the tomb of
this "unknown solider" they were honoring and respecting all those
whom had gone to war to fight for the beautiful country that we live
in.  To fight for the Constitution that our forefathers created to
bring peace, happiness and freedom for all those who would be future
Americans.   The reverence that they showed for those who were lost in
war really humbled my heart and helped me see how many blessings the
Lord has given while living here in the US.  There are so many that I
can't count.  I am very grateful I was called to this mission and have
been able to be so close to where this country all began!

Anyway, sorry about my rant- I was just pumped!  Okay, coming up in
mission life: This week is our wards Christmas party so we are hoping
everyone we stop by, who isn't very active, will be open to go and
visit with the other members this weekend.  We are going to be helping
some missionaries move this week, since we are the local moving
company ;) haha.  Today was super nice but I guess it is suppose to get
really cold again! Also, its only 9 days until the transfer, 16 days
until Hanukkah begins, and 24 days until Christmas!! Wooohooo!!  What
are we going to watch for our Christmas movie? No one knows!
Hopefully Home Alone or a classic!

Well- things are going great.  I am loving the mission life and
enjoying the ward here and working with Tavana.   Enjoy your vacay
together and be safe, happy and healthy!  I know that this is the true
church of our Lord and Savior.  I know that we have a prophet on the
earth today who speaks to the Lord and who is called to guide us back
to our Heavenly Father.  There IS a PLAN and we are all part of it,
growing and learning each day so that we might be able to be found
worthy to return to God when our journey here is though.  I know that
families are eternal!!  The gospel is the TRUTH and we need to all
share it!  I love you both so much and encourage you to keep up the
great missionary work and gospel study!

Love your son,

Elder Farley

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