Monday, December 15, 2014

The Festival of Lights is Pretty Great!!

Hey Mom!

Training is going great!  I am having a lot of fun and working hard with Elder Tavanā and Elder Warnes.   We have done quite a bit of tracting, visiting members and even picking up a new investigator!  I am very happy that I will be training for this last transfer and it's sort of fun to be DL again since I was only one for two transfers.  I have so many fun ideas for the district meetings and a really good group of elders and sisters.  There is a total of 13 of us- pretty good size!
That is super crazy about Elder Webb and the missionary he had stay an extra transfer... I'm pretty sure President and Sister Cooke both know that you would fly out and pick me up yourself, so I think I am in the clear.  Oh! Speaking of the Cookes, they got the package and LOVE the gifts.  :) So whatever you got them, it was a good choice!

I am beyond excited to be able to Skype and see you all AND Brian!  He sounds like he is doing well, and from the pictures it looks that way too.  And he is going to be 19!  I still feel like I am that age! I'll have to send him out a little package for his b-day/Christmas.  Probably some nice ties :)

The Festival of Lights has been pretty great!  The last two nights we have gone taking a less active family the first night and active members the 2nd night for Jenny Oaks Baker.  There are always great shows so we are going to try to get as many less actives and investigators to the VC as much as we possibly can before the Festival ends.

Elder Warnes is a really good kid.  He is willing to listen and speak up in lessons(with a little bit of urging), as well as learning a lot about the members and becoming good friends with those he has met so far.  He will do a good job when Tavanā and I leave the area.  We picked up a new investigator this last week named D. who we met while tracting.  He seems to be divorced, but has two kids; one is in the Air Force and the other goes to HS, planning to go into the Marine Corps. He asked how long we would take to share our message, so I told him that it wouldn't be more than 15 minutes.  We went in and talked a little about who we were and what the Book of Mormon is and where it comes from.  He recently lost his job and is struggling to find a new one.  He was willing to take a Book of Mormon and read part of Alma 7 that we left with him.  Hopefully we will be able to see him on Wednesday and share a full first lesson with him, inviting him to be baptized.  So that was a cool miracle this last week, and hopefully we pick up more newbs this week to teach!

I am pretty stoked for our Christmas picture with our trio and our roommates!  It should hopefully be taken this week so it should make it for next P day.  Speaking of our P day, we went with the APs all the way down to Lexington Park in the van with the Chinese.  We went all the way down to Point Lookout for the last time.  It was overcast and chilly, but we had a fun time and took some great pictures!  It has been such a wonderful experience out here so far with all the wonderful friends I've gained since I've left home.  I know that we will all keep in contact and watch out for each other, just like any brother would do.

I guess that's the whole point of this life for us as members.  We all have been placed in certain places here in this life at different times all for specific reasons.  I think there are a lot of people who think that life is just chance.  I know that from time to time I've felt that there are a lot of things that are left up to chance, but since I've been on my mission I truly believe that all things are under God's direction and set for a certain purpose.  I know that those of us here on earth once accepted a plan in a life before this to come to earth, experience joy and pain, trials and successes, and to accept the Gospel of Christ and repent to live with our Father in Heaven again.  I know that those who have the truth of our Savior's gospel must share it with our brothers and sisters who came to earth without the blessings of the gospel.  I can't remember life before this, but I'm sure that I was given a calling to be part of such a great family who would raise me in the gospel so that I might, along with my family, share the gospel with all those who have not yet found it!   Let's not forget why we are here, what we must do, and where we all should strive to go after this mortal existence.  I know that this is the true church of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  I am so thankful for you, Mom, and for all of our family.  I can't wait to see you all so soon over Skype.  It's almost Christmas :) what a perfect time to think of our relationship we each have with our Savior.

Love and miss you all!

Love your son,

Elder Sean Farley

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