Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Today is a beautiful day here in Maryland!  I just got out of the Temple and walked to the Stake Center to write e-mails in the Family History Center.  I wish the Dust Bowl hadn't hit Farmington!  It sounds no bueno.  I hope it clears up soon-I know I wouldn't handle that well with the allergies that come with it!  The cherry blossoms and other blossoming things around here had gotten to me a little but my allergies aren't too bad.  I am just loving the humidity and the green!!
I was glad to hear everything for the most part is going well at home!  I cannot wait to see the kitchen when it is all finished!  And thanks for sending out those white shirts :)  they are much needed and appreciated!  It is really crazy to me that everyone is about to head out on their missions now and even more are getting their calls. It makes me happy to see so many of my friends making the choice to go out and serve the Lord!  I can't wait to hear from them :) 
But wow.  The whole Boston Marathon thing was crazy!  We had a few people in our ward that were there when it happened and we saw it on the news when we stopped by a members house.  This world is going to.... not such a good place.  The second coming needs to come pretty soon.  "Some people even think He is in office now"-says one of our former investigators.  "Yeah right buddy... pretty sure that is the exact opposite."  But I promise he isn't a former investigator because of his political views... he chose to break up with us. 
So we went out with the AP's last night and we even made them tacos for dinner before we went out to work!  I got a few pointers and some advice for missionary work and I really enjoyed learning from the experienced!  We have had tons of bike problems recently though so I have to go get my back rim fixed because it is all bent now.  And Elder Anderson had gear problems and a flat.  So the devil is trying to get at us but he better go try somewhere else because we made it to all our appointments by walking and we loved it!  Ha-ha :) We kept trying to get the Assistants to tell us where we were going or who we were going to be assigned with but their lips are sealed shut!  So its a mystery :0  but I am exited!  All the missionaries I have met are awesome guys!
So everything is going really well here in the Washington DC North Mission!  And we have three people on date for baptism!  Yay!  I will write you more about them later.
Love you all!

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